Pole Barn Codes and Regulations

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Constructing a pole building in Ohio is no different than constructing a traditional home when it comes to codes and regulations. Are you considering constructing a barn on your property? You need to follow a few pole barn codes and regulations to avoid getting in trouble.


Depending on where you live, you may have to obtain a permit before building any agricultural buildings on your land. For example, some cities and towns may restrict where you can and cannot build on a piece of land. Some setbacks may include distance from property lines, distance between buildings, height and width, etc. When working with Amish barn builders in Ohio, it’s important that you check to see if you need a permit to build. For instance, here at MQS Structures, we make it the customer’s responsibility to apply for a permit if it is required.


Along with obtaining a permit, you also must determine if you are zoned to build farm buildings in Ohio. Zoning dictates building usage and position, setbacks, drainage, ordinances, frontage, etc. Checking with your local zoning board before breaking ground is crucial in order to build your barn properly.


A few considerations must be made if you want to add electricity to post frame buildings. For example, how you intend to use your barn will determine how much energy will be required. How much amps will be used to power agricultural buildings will also determine where the energy will come from. By this, we mean you may be able to wire energy from your home’s service panel, or you may need to contact a local utility company to supply the energy. Any electrical work should be taken very seriously, as it is dangerous and challenging and requires a professional electrician.

As much of a hassle codes and regulations of pole barn buildings may be, they are in place for your safety and benefit. If you have any questions about how to go about complying with your town’s regulations, we are more than happy to discuss plans with you. However, you will eventually need to contact your local building department for specific questions.

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