Pole Barn Organization Tips and Tricks 

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For those of us with a garage or pole barn, we all know how easy it is to disorganize the space. We’re all guilty of not putting something back where it was found. But then, before you know it, you’re left with a messy space and not being able to find what you need. Fortunately, it’s very easy to organize a pole barn for maximum storage capacity. Continue reading for some pole barn organization tips and tricks that our pole barn builders in Ohio think you will find very handy.  

 Install a Pegboard 

Pegboards are a very common organization method that is found in barns, garages, and workshops. You can find a pegboard at your local hardware store. Installing one will make it easier to access and find all of your tools, as well as free up a decent amount of floor space. 

Amish Barn Builders in Ohio 


When you are left with limited space in your garage or agricultural buildings, shelves are easy to install to help you utilize your space. Whether you go with cabinets with shelves in them, free-standing shelves, or open shelving, this is a good way to create more space and store items that need a home. 

Add a Workbench 

No matter if you have a horse barn or garage workshop, incorporating a workbench is the perfect solution for all of your DIY projects. Not only can you easily work on all your projects on it, but you can also let it serve as another storage space by installing cabinet or shelves underneath.  

Heavy Duty Hooks 

Wall hooks tend to come in handy for many things such as hoses and extension cords. There’s nothing worse than having to untangle a long hose when you need it. Wall hooks make it easy to avoid tangled messes and keep your space looking sharp and organized. If you don’t want to invest in hooks, cable cuffs are another good cord organization piece.  

Clear Storage Bins 

Plastic storage bins have been a long time storage solution. These bins come in various sizes and are easy to transport, so it’s no wonder they have been around for years. However, for optimal organization, investing in clear bins will help you see what’s inside them to avoid having to open every single one to find what you need. 

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