Pole Barn Terminology In Ohio

When it comes to building custom pole barns in Ohio, there are quite a bit of terms that are used. To give you a better understanding, we will discuss pole barn terminology in this article.  Here is pole barn terminology in Ohio that you need to know! 


A structural framework of engineered wooden beams that act as the support system for the roof of a pole building in Ohio. 



A classic roof shape that has two sloping sides that come together to create a triangular extension. 



The amount of length of the roof that hangs past the side of the building.  



The lower portion on the exterior wall of farm buildings in Ohio that protect the siding against chips and dings and add aesthetic features as well.   



A dome-like structure that sits atop the roof of agricultural buildings in Ohio to provide ventilation and light into a building. 



The construction process for pole barns that consist of laminated or solid sawn columns. It meets the standards for UBC and IBC. 



The horizontal line on the peak of a roof that runs the length of the building. 



A horizontal beam that is attached to trusses to support the roofs decking. 



The distance between post-frames that support the longitudinal length of the building, typically 10 to 12 feet. 



Plywood, steel, or OSB material that covers the roof of a building and transfers roof load to trusses. 



The edge or area of a building that sticks out where the wall and roof of a pole building in Ohio meet. 

There are obviously many more terms that are used when discussing the construction process of custom pole barns in Ohio; however, these are just a few of the most commonly used terms. When working with Amish barn builders in Ohio, like at MQS Structures, they will work with you in understanding the process of construction and define any terms you may not understand.  

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