Pole Frame and Post Frame Construction––Not Just for the Farm

Pole Building in West Virginia

Pole frame and post frame construction have long been two favorite styles of farmers and ranchers for West Virginia farm buildings. The reason for this is clear: when executed properly, pole barns are economical, attractive, strong, and durable.

In contrast, other construction methods are often more complex, more expensive, and less flexible. As the construction industry has grown and changed over the last several decades, builders are using post frame construction for much more than barns. You may be surprised to learn the many ways pole buildings in West Virginia are being used.

Garages and Workshops

Although a garage or workshop may not sound much different than a barn, modern garages and workshops are vastly different than your grandfather’s barn. Now, it’s easy to seamlessly integrate an office space into your building, choose from a variety of garage doors and windows, install high-efficiency insulation, or even put in an entire HVAC system in West Virginia pole buildings.

Pole Barn Homes

We don’t know who first decided to convert their pole barn into a home, but new homes built with post frame construction have become very popular. Many pole barn builders in West Virginia will also build post frame construction homes, which are occasionally called “barndominiums.” Pole barn style homes only look like barns if the owner wants their home to resemble a barn.

Multi-Purpose Buildings

Some owners want both a barn and living quarters, so it’s not strange to find West Virginia custom pole barns divided into sections with a barn or garage on one side and a home on the other side. A multi-purpose pole building may be for you if you want to build both a home and a barn on your property.

West Virginia Pole Buildings

Horse Barns and Riding Arenas

A horse barn is one of the more traditional applications for a pole building in West Virginia, but post frame construction is also an excellent choice for building large riding arenas. Riding arenas built using post frame construction are surprisingly affordable and offer serious equestrians the opportunity to ride and exercise their horses all winter long.


You have probably entered a store, office building, warehouse, or even church built using post frame construction and didn’t notice. West Virginia post frame buildings are a common choice for businesses and organizations looking to build a sturdy and attractive building without breaking the bank.

West Virginia Post Frame Buildings

Airplane Hangars

That’s right––post frame construction is often used for building small to medium-sized airplane hangars. The sturdy upright posts and wide trusses used in post frame construction are perfect for building durable storage facilities for airplanes.

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