Post-Frame Construction is Durable and Valuable

Post-Frame Construction is Durable and Valuable

Post-frame construction is a very beneficial kind of building technique. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of these benefits and why they should be choosing post-frame over other forms of construction, such as stick frame. As top-performing Amish barn builders in Ohio, we are here to discuss with you how post-frame construction is durable and valuable. 


Post-Frame Construction is Durable 

When compared to traditional stick frame buildings, post frame buildings are thought to be much more durable. So durable in fact that when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, “post-frame contractors reported only ‘minor damage to trim and other small architectural elements.’… Meanwhile, many nearby non-post-frame structures were severely damaged or destroyed by the storm” (Source). If you remember how much destruction Hurricane Katrina caused, this fact is pretty remarkable.  

So what makes buildings designed using post-frame so durable? It is all in the way lateral loads are transferred to the ground. This technique provides extreme stability, which is no wonder why so many people prefer post frame, especially for agricultural buildings. These buildings are resilient against severe weather like rain, hailstorms, and snow and can even be built on uneven ground. 


Post Frame Construction is Valuable 

Over the years, post-frame construction has been used to build all different types of buildings, including cabins, garages, hobby shops, commercial structuresagricultural buildings, and much more. The fact that a post frame building can be used for just about anything is just one reason why it is a valuable structure. 

Another way post-frame is valuable is that it is a relatively inexpensive building process compared to conventional framing construction. Fewer materials are needed and pre-engineered components let you save a tremendous amount of money on building costs. Additionally, fewer materials mean a faster building process and less labor. Amish barn builders know the in’s and out’s of post-frame buildings, which means you can have a building up in just a matter of days!  


Build With MQS Structures 

When you build with MQS Structures, you know you will get a high quality, durable, and valuable structure. Our Amish barn builders have been constructing agricultural buildings in Ohio for many years, from simple garages to expansive horse barns. We encourage you to look into post-frame construction for your next building. Contact MQS Structures today by calling 855-677-3334 or request a quote by filling out our online form. We look forward to discussing your next project with you!  

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