Preparing West Virginia Pole Buildings for Winter

West Virginia Pole Building

Winter is on its way in West Virginia, and if you haven’t started preparing your pole building for what’s coming, now is the time to act. Many West Virginia pole buildings are used for important purposes on farms, for businesses, as a storage facility, or numerous other functions. So, it is critical to make sure that these structures are well equipped to handle everything Mother Nature has in store for this winter. Because, as we all know, the weather can be unpredictable.

Here are some effective ways to stay ahead of the weather and protect your pole building in West Virginia.

Look at the Trees that Surround Your Structure

Over time, tree branches will grow and may begin to dangle over your post frame building in West Virginia. When this happens, make sure you trim or prune your trees or cut down any potentially hazardous branches. The last thing you need this winter is a branch to fall and cause damage to your structure, especially during a snowstorm.

Remove All Excess Debris from the Roof

If there are any materials on your building’s roof that can hold water, then these need to be removed as soon as possible. Items like leaves, twigs, debris, pine needles, and dirt can absorb moisture, especially while sitting on a roof. This can lead to roof corrosion, particularly where the screws touch the metal roof.

Clean the Entire Exterior of Your West Virginia Pole Building

The roof and all the exterior walls will accumulate dirt and mud over time. Make sure these are all clean before winter weather hits. Otherwise, the dirt will remain all winter long. Combine the dirt with all the snow and ice that will soon be on the way, and you will have quite a mess on your hands.

West Virginia Pole Building

The best way to clean a pole building in West Virginia is by mixing a mild household cleaner with warm water. You can apply this mixture to the exterior of the building by using a soft-bristled brush or a low-pressure washer. Make sure you clean gently so that you don’t damage the paint. Afterwards, rinse the structure with water.

Cleaning the Gutters

Just like with your home, gutters can clog if they are not properly cleaned, especially during the winter. Before winter hits, it is wise to make sure your gutters are securely fastened. Once you know the gutters are in good condition, then you can remove all the debris. This will ensure that melted snow and ice will flow freely away from the roof, into the gutters, over to the downspouts, and then away from your West Virginia farm building.

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