Preparing Your Barn For Heavy Snow Loads

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Winter in Ohio can be unpredictable.  Some years there is hardly any snow, but in other years the snow never seems to stop.  As a leader among Amish Barn Builders in Ohio, MQS Structures has a list of things you may want to keep in mind when it comes to constructing your new pole building in Ohio. 

Snow Loads 

When you hear the term “snow load,” it refers to the amount of force that post frame buildings in Ohio can withstand due to accumulated snow.  Typically, one cubic foot of snow weighs between ten to twenty pounds.  More compacted snow will be heavier than powdery, fresh snow.  The snow loads could vary depending on what region you live in. 

Risks of Large Snow Loads 

The most significant consequence of a heavy snow load would be a collapsed roof.  The best way to prevent this is to have additional trusses and rafters installed inside farm buildings in Ohio.  Also, a higherpitched roof will prevent less snow accumulation due to the snow sliding off the roof as it gets heavier.   

Another risk of snow loads on agricultural buildings in Ohio is the formation of ice dams.  When a building does not have proper insulation, the heat will rise to the attic.  The lack of insulation causes the snow to melt on top of the building and trickledown, where it later refreezes.  Eventually, melted snow can drip through your building’s roof. 

Amish Barn Builders in Ohio

Building Recommendations 

  • Drainage – a quality drainage system will prevent water pooling; also, make sure your gutters are clear of debris 
  • Snow Distribution – snow will typically not fall straight down due to windy conditions in Ohio; pay close attention to the direction your building is facing as there will likely be uneven snow distribution 
  • Purlins – if purlins are spaced close together, then your building will be able to withstand higher snow loads as they can transfer snow loads more evenly 

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