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When it comes to constructing something as comprehensive as a pole building in Ohio, a qualified barn company is essential. Not just anyone can build a barn that is functional and sturdy. So when you’re looking around for a crew to build your next barn, the following are some necessary qualities to look for in a quality pole barn company.


The first thing every barn company should have is a building license. Licensed, custom post frame builders in Ohio will have experience meeting code requirements, processing permits, and carry warranties.


A reputable barn company will provide a warranty on their work. At MQS Structures, our main goal is to see our customers pleased with the final result of their garage hobby shop in Ohio. This means a commitment in durability, which includes a 50-year column warranty, a 40-year steel warranty, a 10-year garage door warranty, and a 1-year workmanship warranty.

Quality Pole Barn Company Experience

The best companies are the ones who have years of experience building custom pole barns in Ohio under their belt. More experience means quality workmanship and a crew that knows what they’re doing.

Excellent Material

Quality material is a critical component of constructing quality farm buildings in Ohio. If you want your building to last, you need a pole barn company that doesn’t cut corners on the material they use. At MQS Structures, we want your pole building in Ohio to pass the test of time, and in order to do that, we use only the best framing lumber, steel entry and garage doors, and rust-resistant painted steel exterior.

Professional Crew

Like we said, not just anyone can build exceptional agricultural buildings in Ohio, which is why ensuring the company you hire has a professional, detailed, and trained crew. This not only ensures that you receive a quality structure, but a courteous staff during the building process as well.

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