Save Money When Building a Pole Barn

Save Money When Building a Pole Barn

A pole building in Ohio is a significant investment. Even though post frame construction is already a very cost-effective method, there are still a few easy ways to save money when building a pole barn with both upfront and long-term savings.

Choose Quality Material

The most critical and easiest way to save money on farm buildings in Ohio is by choosing quality material. While higher quality material will be more expensive upfront, you will save a tremendous amount of money down the road when you don’t have to repair damaged parts. You will also rest easier knowing your pole building in Ohio will stand the test of time.


Install Wainscot

Wainscot is a very smart investment as it adds a protective layer from damage. For example, gravel can get kicked up by a lawnmower or car driving too close to a barn and leave small dents in the side of the building. It is much easier and cheaper to replace wainscot than it is to replace an entire sidewall on a pole building in Ohio.

Use Standard Features

At MQS Structures, we have distinguished ourselves by incorporating standard features into our custom pole barns in Ohio. Those features include:

  • Ridge ventilation
  • 29 ga. steel roof, sides, trim
  • 4′ O/C trusses @ 4/12 pitch
  • 8′ O/C glue lam sidewall columns
  • 2-ply truss supports
  • 2′ O/C 2×4 roof purlins
  • 2′ O/C 2×4 side girts
  • Treated 2×8 skirt at ground line
  • Steel rodent guard at the base
  • 42″ post holes with concrete footings
  • Rebar through post to prevent uplift

By using these standard features, lengths, and widths, you can save a significant amount.

Hire Professional Custom Post Frame Builders in Ohio

If you are really looking to save money on agricultural buildings in Ohio, then it is highly recommended you hire a professional barn building company. They will not only use quality material but will also leave you with a barn that will last many years.

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