Site Preparation for Farm Buildings in Ohio

Site Preparation for Farm Buildings in Ohio

Before any construction begins on post frame buildings in Ohio, one must first prepare the site. Fortunately, post frame structures do not require as extensive site preparation as other construction methods do. However, it is still necessary. Here is a simple overview of site preparation for farm buildings in Ohio.

Local Codes and Planning

Before starting anything, always be sure to check with your local codes to ensure the pole building in Ohio you so desire fits in with your cities guidelines. Permits and inspections may also be a requirement beforehand, so you must understand all the requirements that go into constructing custom pole barns in Ohio on your property.

Clearing the Site

Obviously, you can’t build agricultural buildings in Ohio over large trees and bushes. This means the first objective before construction begins is to clear the site of sod and vegetation at least four to five feet beyond the perimeter of the building pad. Laying concrete on top of roots and decaying material will cause air pockets that will create an unstable foundation.


Proper drainage is crucial, so grading a site important is important. Depending on your site, adding a compactible fill material may be necessary to help build the elevation of the site. Fill material like sand or gravel is often used in cases where a site is uneven or has a sloped ground. Your excavator will be able to help determine the best way to improve the grade to allow for adequate water drainage from the site.

If you are unsure about the best site location for your future pole barn, our custom post frame builders in Ohio are happy to discuss with you to determine the best placement. This will help prevent any problems down the road. For more information on the building process and site preparation for farm buildings in Ohio, give our team at MQS Structures a call today.

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