Some Obstacles that Pole Barn Builders in Pittsburgh Must Overcome During Winter

Pole Barn Builders in Pittsburgh

Winter is here, and that means many construction companies are limited on how much work they can accomplish due to the weather. However, as one of the top pole barn builders in Pittsburgh, MQS Structures can still complete many building projects. Unfortunately, the challenges are significant during the winter, compared to warmer seasons like spring, summer, or fall.

Even though our team at MQS Structures is well trained to handle many different conditions, winter can still present plenty of tough situations. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the challenging conditions that winter presents when constructing Pittsburgh pole buildings.

Frozen Ground

Most construction projects involve digging into the ground, and building a shed, barn, or pole building in Pittsburgh is no different. Square posts must be put multiple feet into the ground to ensure the maximum amount of structural integrity.

However, when the ground is frozen, this presents a major challenge to crews that must dig holes. Frozen ground is much more difficult to work with compared to when conditions are above freezing. In many cases, frozen ground requires heavy machinery for digging or removal.

Snow On the Ground

When there is snow accumulation, it can limit some of the things that construction crews are able to do. Depending on how much snow is on the ground, trucks and trailers may not be able to navigate through the snow to drop off materials. Without the proper materials, like lumber, sheet metal, windows, and doors, crews cannot complete the assembly of Pittsburgh post frame buildings.

Pole Barn Builders in Pittsburgh

Productivity Decreases

It’s natural for workers to move around more slowly during cold weather. Laborers wear extra layers to deal with cold conditions and use materials/tools that don’t function as well during freezing conditions. These are all things that decrease the productivity of many construction companies, including pole barn builders in Pittsburgh.

Not to mention, the sun sets much earlier in the winter compared to the summer. This significantly limits the number of hours that Pittsburgh pole barn builders can work each day.


The cold weather is notorious for bringing illnesses with it. Whether it’s the flu, pneumonia, or frostbite, people tend to fall victim to sickness in cold weather far more often than warmer seasons. With many people being more aware of Covid-19, workers are less likely to come to work sick, thus leaving crews short-handed. Without the proper number of workers on job sites each day, it can be hard to construct Pittsburgh pole buildings under the same timeline as they are assembled during the spring, summer, or fall.

Pole Barn Builders in Pittsburgh

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