The Best Ways to Keep Mice Out of Your Farm Buildings in West Virginia

Farm Buildings in West Virginia

We all know that mice can be a real nuisance, and we don’t want them inside our homes or our farm buildings in West Virginia. However, they can be difficult to keep out. Mice are small, fast, elusive, and have the ability to fit into the tiniest spaces.

That’s why our team at MQS Structures has compiled a list of the best ways to keep mice outside. By taking these steps, you can prevent these unwanted rodents from entering and nesting inside your West Virginia farm buildings.

Keep Your Barn Clean and Tidy

Mice love to set up shop in areas that might be neglected or are tucked away somewhere in your barn. It might be a dark corner of your barn or a spot where some clutter has been accumulating over time. To avoid a mice problem, make sure you keep all areas of your West Virginia pole building clear of debris or trash.

A clean barn means there are fewer places for mice to hide or build nests. Also, if your barn has ample lighting, it reduces the risk of mice living inside. Mice typically like to nest in areas that are dark, so having plenty of lights is an effective way to scare them off.

Farm Buildings in West Virginia

Barn Cats

Cats are natural predators to mice and can be a welcomed addition to any custom pole barn in West Virginia. One common misconception that many people have about cats is that they all love to hunt mice. However, if you take a cat that is used to living indoors and eating cat food, it may not have the skills necessary to hunt mice.

Barn cats still have all their natural hunting instincts and prefer eating mice over other food options. A barn cat is a great way to keep mice out of your farm buildings in West Virginia.

Mouse Traps

Whether you are trying to catch mice in your home, garage, barn, or West Virginia farm building, an effective method is using mouse traps. There are different versions of mouse traps, and each type has its advantages. Some popular mouse traps include:

  • Glue Traps
  • Box Traps
  • Snap Traps
  • Poison

Of these four types of traps, poison is the one that comes with the most risks. Mouse poison could possibly be eaten by other animals on your farm, like a barn cat, dog, or various livestock. This could cause serious health problems for any animal, so make sure you know all the risks of using mice poison before you set it out.

Farm Buildings in West Virginia

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