The Most Common Materials Used by West Virginia Pole Barn Builders

West Virginia Pole Barn Builders

As one of the premier West Virginia pole barn builders, MQS Structures has built countless garages, sheds, and barns over the years. Throughout our many years of construction, we have gone through many different building materials to ensure that each building is structurally sound. Although each building is made a little bit different than the others, there are some common building materials that are used for every pole building in West Virginia that we build.

Although this article will list some of the most commonly used materials, it is still highly recommended that you hire professional barn builders when constructing a new post frame building in West Virginia. Building a large structure requires skill and experience, so do not try to tackle this project on your own.


Any structure needs sufficient lumber to remain structurally sound for the long haul. Most West Virginia custom post frame buildings start with square posts that are inserted into the group to make up the frame. The square posts should be pressure-treated and rot-resistant so that they do not break down over time.

The exterior walls are then made up primarily of an abundance of 2x4s. These versatile pieces of lumber are used to frame the walls and provide the stability needed to support the building.  The most common type of lumber used for numerous types of construction is a 2X4. This is not only true for post frame garages in West Virginia but also applies to homes, industrial buildings, and numerous other structures.

West Virginia pole barn builders will also use 2x12s in various other parts of the building. A 2×12 can be used for portions of the wall, the ceiling, or various other parts of the structure based on the design plans.

Metal Paneling and Roofing

Metal is used to surround the barn on the exterior walls as well as the roofing. The metal creates a barrier that protects the lumber and the contents inside from being damaged by exterior elements. Metal paneling and roofing will block rain, snow, ice, wind, and sunlight from harming anything inside your pole building in West Virginia.

West Virginia Pole Barn Builders


The primary use for concrete when building a post frame building is to anchor down the square posts. The square posts are where the building process begins. Once the posts are placed into their designated holes, they will have concrete poured around them to ensure they are anchored in the correct position.

Concrete can also be used to make the floor inside the post frame building. This is an optional design choice, and many people choose to use a dirt floor to save on costs. But for a cleaner and nicer finish, a concrete floor is always a good choice for a West Virginia post frame garage.

West Virginia Pole Barn Builders

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