Tips For Post Frame Construction

Tips For Post Frame Construction Agricultural buildings in Ohio | Amish barn builders in Ohio

Are you looking into a pole building in Ohio to store farm equipment, vehicles, or house livestock? No matter how you intend to use your barn, the best kind of barn for the job is one built using post frame construction. Even though it is relatively simple, there are still a few tips for post frame construction to know about whether you do it yourself or hire custom post frame builders in Ohio for the job.


1. Always check with building codes
Before any planning and construction begins on farm buildings in Ohio, you must understand and check with building codes for your city or state. For instance, large commercial buildings will have different requirements than a small shed.

2. Spacing columns can save you money
What makes post frame construction unique is that columns are spaced far apart – typically between six and twelve feet. Ultimately, the further your structures columns are, the less costly your custom pole barns in Ohio will be.

3. Install wainscot
Dents and dings will undoubtedly occur on agricultural buildings in Ohio. To help keep your barn in good shape for as long as possible, custom horse barn builders in Ohio suggest installing wainscot. It’s a three to four-foot steel panel that’s placed around the bottom of a building to act as a buffer.

4. Ensure your building can handle severe weather
The Midwest receives all kinds of weather, ranging from tornados to blizzards to high heat. If your pole barn isn’t engineered correctly, it most likely won’t stand well in severe weather. This is why it’s recommended that you have qualified custom horse barn builders in Ohio to build your barn for you, especially if you don’t have experience.

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