Tips for Winterizing Your Pole Barn

Tips for Winterizing Your Pole Barn Agricultural buildings in Ohio | Amish barn builders in Ohio

With December here, it’s crucial that your pole building in Ohio is ready for the cold weather of winter. There are a few important steps to take and things to check to ensure your barn can handle the inclement weather and keep you warm. Here are some tips for winterizing your pole barn, according to custom horse barn builders in Ohio.




Clean the Gutters

Clogged gutters during the winter put your farm buildings in Missouri at risk for forming ice dams. It’s crucial to remove any debris from gutters so that melted snow has a way to runoff and so water doesn’t freeze within the debris and cause damage to the gutter system.

Check the Ventilation

No matter what you use custom pole barns in Ohio for, ventilation is essential. A good ventilation system provides necessary airflow to a building for healthy indoor air quality for you and your animals. Without ventilation, the air will become stagnant, and mold and mildew issues can arise.

Check the Insulation

During the winter, adequate insulation is essential for the contents and/or animals inhabiting your agricultural buildings in Missouri. Without insulation, you can damage your equipment, machines, and create inhumane conditions indoors.

Stall Mats

Stall mats are always a great addition to any pole building in Missouri that house animals during the winter. These rubber mats protect your floors, allow you to use less bedding, make cleaning your floors easier, and help reduce ammonia levels.


For more information and tips on winterizing your pole barn, give MQS Structures a call. Your farm buildings in Missouri are important for the safety of your animals and other equipment dwelling inside. Give it the attention it needs this winter to ensure you and your animals have a healthy winter.

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