Tips from Pole Barn Builders in Ohio on How to Keep Your Animals Warm This Winter

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Certain farm animals have the strength and internal body temperature to withstand some pretty harsh winter weather conditions. However, others may struggle during the cold weather, especially when temperatures drop below freezing. When temperatures dip into the 30s and below, animal owners may need to take action to help keep their animals safe.

As one of the premier pole barn builders in Ohio, our team at MQS Structures knows just how critical it is to have a protective shelter for animals, especially during the brutally cold winters in Ohio. Here are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to your animals and keeping them safe and warm inside of your agricultural buildings in Ohio.

Know Your Animals’ Limits During Frigid Temperatures

If you have animals living on your farm or ranch, they will need to have a shelter to go to during brutally cold weather. A pole building in Ohio can provide warmth to your animals by blocking any snow, ice, rain, or wind. With temperatures that regularly dip below freezing during the winter, having a safe and warm shelter is one of the most effective ways to keep your animals healthy.

Many animals like cattle, horses, and goats still need to go outside, even during brutally cold temperatures. It is important to make sure all these animals have access to get back inside whenever the cold weather gets to be too much. You may want to leave the doors open to your Ohio pole barn just enough so that the animals can walk in and out as needed. However, make sure the door isn’t constantly wide open; otherwise, an abundance of cold air and snow could blow inside.

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Keep a Close Eye on Your Smaller Animals

Whether it’s chickens, rabbits, ducks, or other small animals, make sure you monitor them closely during the winter. As one of the top pole barn builders in Ohio, our crews have built many structures that are primarily used to house small animals. These structures are used to protect farm animals from potential predators and dangerous weather conditions. If you have small animals that are newborns, it is especially critical to make sure they are sheltered and have an adequate heat source during the winter.

Effective Ways to Keep Agricultural Buildings in Ohio Warm

Installing heaters inside your buildings might be the simplest way to keep the interior warm. However, some heaters come with certain risks, so make sure you choose heaters that will be safe for the animals and the contents inside. Some heaters can be hazardous if they are accidentally kicked or knocked over. However, other models are considered safer in areas of heavy traffic. Do your research and determine what the best heating sources are for your barn.

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