Ventilation for Horse Barns

Ventilation for Horse Barns

Proper ventilation is essential for healthy horse barn environments. If you use your pole building in Ohio to house your horses, be sure that the barn you have (or plan to build) has adequate ventilation. Here are a few ways to improve the air quality and ventilation for horse barns, according to our custom horse barn builders in Ohio.


One of the best ways to improve air quality in a horse barn is through the use of inlets or vents. This allows fresh air to flow through the building, and so stale air can escape. Custom post frame builders in Ohio recommend placing inlets and vents close to the roof for proper airflow.


Ceiling Fans

Installing ceiling fans in your agricultural buildings in Ohio is another great way to ensure enough ventilation for you and your horses. They are an easy solution to circulate air and help reduce respiratory irritants.

Store Hay In Another Barn

Although it is much more convenient to store hay, grain, and bedding in the same barn where your horses live, storing hay and bedding in another barn will help prevent mold and other particles in the air. A solution to cutting down the amount of airborne particles in a barn is to use rubber mats for flooring, rather than using straw or wood shavings.

Clean Stalls Often

While inlets, ceiling fans, and storing hay in another barn are all excellent ways to ensure proper ventilation, they will do nothing if you don’t clean your horse stalls often. Not mucking the stalls will lead to ammonia fumes and other respiratory problems.


Fortunately, hiring professional custom post frame builders in Ohio to build your farm buildings in Ohio will ensure you and your horses receive exceptional ventilation. To learn more about MQS Structures and our custom pole barns in Ohio, lock in a quote with us today or give us a call at (855) 677-3334.

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