Ways to Help Keep Custom Pole Barns in Ohio Warmer During the Winter

Ohio Custom Pole Barn

We all know how essential it is to keep our home warm during the winter. Whether we use a furnace, wood-burning stove, or fireplace, these all keep our home as comfortable as possible when there’s snow and ice outside. Most custom pole barns in Ohio don’t have these luxuries, so building owners have to come up with other ways to help keep their buildings warm.

In this article, we will discuss some ways that farmers keep their Ohio custom pole barns comfortable in the winter. Some ideas are creative, and others are just common sense. Either way, they all help keep the cold winter air outside the building where it belongs.

Place Hay Bales Along the Exterior Walls

Many farmers have plenty of hay bales stored in their barn for the winter for their livestock, but hay can help provide insulation as well. By placing hay bales on the ground along the exterior walls of agricultural buildings in Ohio, you can prevent cold air from entering through any gaps between the walls and the ground.

This is also an effective way to keep snow from drifting alongside the exterior walls. Hay bales can serve as an extra layer of insulation and protection. They can also help keep any snow from blowing through any gaps in custom pole barns in Ohio.

Ohio Custom Pole Barn

Keep Garage and Entry Doors Closed as Often as Possible

During the spring, summer, and fall, it might be normal to leave the garage doors open on your Ohio pole buildings. This is a natural way to allow ventilation throughout the structure. However, during the winter, this is not a great thing to do. With cold air constantly cycling through the building, it can drop internal temperatures significantly.

It is always best to keep garage doors and entry doors closed when they are not in use. It’s also smart to make sure the weather stripping is in good shape to ensure that air cold air doesn’t enter through the gaps around the doors.

Seal All Windows Inside Your Custom Pole Barn in Ohio

If you notice a cool breeze when you are standing by your barn’s windows, that likely means they are not properly sealed. Cold air can easily enter through window gaps that aren’t sealed, and this is quite common with outdated windows.

Take time to evaluate your windows inside your Ohio custom pole barn to determine if they need replaced or resealed. Doing this will help keep the cold air out of your barn and keep you and your fellow farmworkers much warmer during the winter.

Ohio Custom Pole Barn

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