What is a Roof Truss?

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Post frame buildings in West Virginia require fewer materials to build and are erected faster than most other building methods. This is possible because large posts are used as the primary element of the walls, and trusses are used to support the roof. Pole barn builders in West Virginia use trusses because they are incredibly strong and relatively simple to build. If you are not already familiar with roof trusses, they aren’t very complicated.

What is a Roof Truss?

A building truss, or roof truss, is a pre-built section of roof frame used to join walls and support the roof. Pole barn builders in West Virginia can build trusses on-site or offsite, but they are already assembled before being joined to the building’s structure. Trusses determine the pitch, length, and height of the roof above the walls. Roof trusses can be built in a variety of styles with different purposes. Some roof trusses are ideal for wider spans, others are ideal when installing a drop-ceiling, and others are used to create vaulted cathedral ceilings.

Pole barns typically require trusses to be spaced two feet or four feet apart but can be as far as eight feet apart if the building is designed accordingly. Trusses are most often built offsite to ensure the highest quality possible. For best results, barn builders use the best lumber, nails, and glue in truss assembly.

Why Use Trusses?

Roof trusses are used in post-frame agricultural buildings in West Virginia because they are strong, economical, simple, and allow wide open floor spaces. For example, custom horse barn builders in West Virginia use post-frame construction and roof trusses for riding arenas. It would be dangerous to build a riding arena filled with vertical roof supports in the middle of the arena. Post-frame construction and roof trusses are incredibly useful for any building that requires large open spaces, such as horse barns, machine sheds, workshops, etc.

Strong roof trusses are essential for the overall strength and wind resistance of a post-frame building. It is possible to build a post-frame building with center posts and rafters to support the roof, but roof trusses are stronger, more convenient, and help construction proceed quicker.

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