Why Hire Custom Pole Barn Builders

Why Hire Custom Pole Barn Builders


When you want to add a pole barn on your property, you basically have two options – buy a pole barn kit or hire custom post frame builders in Ohio. While a kit may seem more appealing to some due to the money savings, a kit may not be the most beneficial option. Here are a few reasons why you should hire custom pole barn builders for your project.


The first notable reason for hiring professional barn builders is their experience. There’s a lot that goes into constructing a quality, well-standing structure from the site preparation to the actual construction process. By hiring a team of custom post frame builders in Ohio, you will receive a crew that has experience and know what they are doing.

Quality Material

A top reason why you should hire custom pole barn builders is because of the high-quality material they use. For instance, at MQS Structures, we are committed to building superior custom pole barns in Ohio by using more lumber, steel exteriors, steel doors, and trusses designed for local snow loads and 90 mph wind loads.


A significant advantage of barns built by a post frame construction company is the warranty. Majority of pole barn kits are not under warranty, and if they are, it is very limited. This puts you out of luck if something ever happens to your barn. Meanwhile, farm buildings in Ohio built by barn companies are under multiple warranties. For example, every pole building in Ohio built by MQS Structures has a 50 year column warranty, 40 year steel warranty, 10 year garage door warranty, and 1 year workmanship warranty.

Fast Construction

The average construction time on standard agricultural buildings in Ohio is less than a week. It can be assumed someone putting together a pole barn kit with minimal construction experience will take much longer than a week to finish.

If you’re looking to build a pole building in Ohio, don’t just call anyone. For an experienced barn building company, contact MQS Structures.

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