Additional Features to Add to Your Pole Building in West Virginia

pole building in West Virginia

If you are the owner of a pole building in West Virginia, you enjoy all the features and benefits that it provides to your property.  Most pole buildings are used to store valuable farm supplies, large equipment, vehicles, or various other purposes.  A quality building from MQS Structures is a critical piece to a successful farm operation.

Although you enjoy your West Virginia post frame building, do you ever think about ways to enhance its appearance and functionality?  Our team at MQS Structures has some ways you can do both!  Check out the list of things our West Virginia pole barn builders can add to your building.

Garage Doors

Of course, you’ll need a garage door for any West Virginia pole building, but there are several different options to choose from.  Depending on how large your vehicles and equipment are that you’ll be moving in and out of the building, you may need a heavy-duty, commercial garage door.  Or maybe a traditional sliding door will work best for you.

pole building in West Virginia pole building in West Virginia

If you want your pole building in West Virginia to have a more “homey” appearance, you can choose a residential garage door.  Or, if you want to add a little bit more style to your door, you might enjoy the appeal of a carriage-style garage door.  Just make sure you choose the door that best fits the needs of your building.


One way to add some extra shade and a comfortable sitting area to the outside of your custom pole barn in West Virginia is to invest in a lean-to.  Whether your lean-to wraps around the entire structure or you go with an open lean-to, this add-on feature is a simple way to extend your space and take advantage of a beautiful day on the farm.

Lean-tos are also an effective way to provide storage for things that need just a little bit of protection from the weather.  Items like hay and feed are commonly stored underneath a lean-to for easy access when it’s time to feed livestock.


Pole barn builders in West Virginia know that cupolas are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  The design of a cupola gives a traditional barn look to any agricultural building, but its purpose is much more important.

pole building in West Virginia

Cupolas are designed to allow fresh air to help ventilate a farm building, especially if the building houses livestock like horses, pigs, or cattle.  Without fresh air, animals and farm workers inside a barn are exposed to unhealthy air quality that could lead to illnesses.

pole building in West Virginia

If you are interested in a new custom pole barn in West Virginia or are looking to add-on to your current farm building, contact our team at MQS Structures.  You can go online to receive a free quote, or you can give us a call at (855) MQS-3334, and we will be glad to assist you.

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