Advice from Custom Post Frame Builders in Ohio on Choosing the Right Garage Door

Custom Post Frame Builders In Ohio

As one of the most reliable and trusted custom post frame builders in Ohio, MQS Structures knows just how important each detail of your barn, garage, shop, or shed is. During the design phase, there are numerous customizations you can add to your building, like windows, cupolas, gutters, downspouts, and more.

However, one item you should be sure to spend some time thinking about is the garage door. Everyone who owns a custom post frame building in Ohio has a primary use for it. It might be to store their heavy-duty equipment or vehicles when not in use. Maybe you can use it as your own little garage hobby shop to do some mechanical work on the side. It could also be used as a place to store important supplies for the farm like hay, seed, feed, or tools.

So, no matter what your building’s primary purpose is, it should play an important role in what garage door you choose. Here are some of the most common garage door options according to Ohio pole barn builders and some of the benefits that each one provides.

  • Single Sliding Door with Window
  • Split Sliding Door
  • Commercial Garage Door
  • Residential Garage Door
  • Carriage Style Garage Door

Single Sliding Door with Window

To add a little touch of style to your Ohio custom pole barn, you can always go with a single sliding door with a window. These doors are opened and closed manually with just a little bit of effort and provide a big enough entryway for most medium-sized vehicles and equipment. With the added bonus of natural light through the window, this is an excellent option for your farm building in Ohio.

Split Sliding Door

If you would like a sliding door that opens in the middle, then a split sliding door is the way to go. To prevent having to open one bulkier door, a split sliding door is a two-piece door that requires less effort to open and close since the weight is distributed among two pieces. This is a great door option for buildings that will be housing large equipment.

Custom Post Frame Builders In Ohio

Commercial Garage Door

Commercial garage doors are widely considered one of the bulkiest and most durable garage door options. Since they are so massive and sometimes difficult to maneuver, it may be wise to look into adding an automatic garage door system with a remote so that the door can be opened and closed easily.

Residential Garage Door

If you want to add a more residential look to your structure, custom post frame builders in Ohio recommend a residential-style garage door. These vertical doors are lighter in weight and can be maneuvered fairly easily. However, you can set up an automatic garage door opener for these style doors later if you prefer.

Carriage Style Garage Door

If you want a little added décor to your custom post frame building in Ohio, a carriage-style garage door is the way to go. Although it is similar to a standard residential garage door, it includes a few accents to add some extra style to the design. Both residential and carriage style doors are ideal for smaller buildings that house medium-sized vehicles and equipment.

Custom Post Frame Builders In Ohio

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