Basic Tips to Get Ready for Your New Cumberland Pole Building

Cumberland Pole Building

Many people have experienced the benefits of having their own Cumberland pole building on their property. Building owners enjoy having an additional structure for a wide variety of purposes. At MQS Structures, we know that pole buildings are versatile structures that can be used for different purposes in different seasons. This article will discuss some of the best ways to plan for your new pole building in Cumberland.

Decide What Type of Building You Want

You should establish your building’s primary use before the construction even begins. There are several different types of use for your Cumberland post frame building. Below is a list of some of the most common options, including:

  • Equestrian – primarily used for horses which might include stalls or a riding arena
  • Commercial – could be used to store inventory, as a warehouse, or an office space
  • Suburban – the building could be used as a workshop, man cave, she shed, or small home
  • Agricultural – shelter for livestock, storing farm supplies, equipment storage, or a workshop

Once you establish your building’s use, it will make it much easier to make other decisions for your new building. Some things that might be influenced by your building type include door sizes, types of windows, plumbing materials, and numerous other items.

Know Local Laws and Regulations for Post Frame Buildings in Cumberland

Before any construction begins, make sure your building fits local zoning laws and building codes. One of the worst things you can do is get the construction process started and later find out that your building is not allowed according to local rules and regulations. Do your research, call the proper channels, and make sure you are cleared for your Cumberland pole building project.

Cumberland Pole Building

Find Examples of Building Designs You Like

At MQS Structures, our team of designers and builders will show you different types of post frame buildings in Cumberland. Seeing multiple examples of our past projects can help you figure out what the right design and style are for you. We will continue to work with you on the different customizations and enhancements you can make to your building. By the end of the design process, we want you to be thrilled with the layout of your new building.

Consider the Future of Your Building

It’s easy to only consider how much space you need now for your pole building in Cumberland. However, you may want to consider how much space you’ll need down the road. Will you be adding any more vehicles or equipment that need to be stored? Do you need extra space to add an office or another room? Questions like these are things you should be thinking about before the construction process begins.

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