Building an Event Barn and What to Consider 

pole barn builders in Ohio

For a small gathering, you can simply host it at a restaurant or someone’s house, but what about for something more extensive like a wedding, family reunion, or graduation party?  If you like to host these types of gatherings, you may want to consider an event barn. 

As one of the leading pole barn builders in Ohio, we have seen event barns become more popular in recent years.  Here are some of the benefits of adding this structure to your property. 


Pole barns do not require as much deep foundation as many other structures, which is helpful for your budget.  The foundation is set up by the deepset posts which provide the buildings support.  The maintenance required on pole barns is typically far less than most other structures, and the barn is built to last for many years.   

Quick Assembly 

Unlike a house that requires lots of detail on the interior before it is complete, a pole barn is basically complete once the exterior is finished. 

“Depending on your building’s size, it is not uncommon for an entire building to be ready within 1 to 2 weeks after delivery.”

As one of the premier custom post frame builders in Ohio, MQS will strive to ensure your new building is done efficiently and with the utmost quality.


Although your event barn’s primary focus is to be hosting large gatherings, you can still use it for personal use.  During the downtimes, especially during the winter, not as many events are being planned.  You can utilize your pole building in Ohio to store lots of things like vehicles, large equipment, patio furniture during the winter, and many other options.   

Open Space 

Event barns are becoming more popular for things like wedding receptions due to the endless open space.  Pole barns do not require as much interior support, thus leaving more space for things like a dance floor, lots and lots of tables and chairs, a bar, or a stage.  As one of the leading custom post frame builders in Ohio we know that there are a variety of options!   

pole barn builders in Ohio

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MQS Structures is considered one of the top pole barn builders in Ohio because we pride ourselves on providing topnotch quality and service from the design process through the completion of your new building.  Besides pole barns, we specialize in many other agricultural buildings in Ohio, and we’d be glad to discuss all of our options with you.

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