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Building a Pole Barn for Storage

agricultural buildings in Ohio

A new pole building in Ohio can be used for a variety of different things.  Many people think that a building is primarily used for livestock or large farm equipment.  Although that may be true, another perk of new agricultural buildings in Ohio is that they can be used for storage.  This article will cover some of the benefits of using your new building for storage purposes. 

Extra Space 

The wide-open floor plan of farm buildings in Ohio will allow you to store the largest items.  Many buildings have large garage doors that allow you to drive heavy-duty equipment inside with ease.  Whether your building is used on a farm, as a warehouse, or as garage hobby shop in Ohio, the extra space will come in handy for many purposes. 

Custom Made Buildings 

With MQS Structures, you can customize your space to what fits your needs.  If you were to buy a pre-built storage unit from a retailer, you would be limited to the size and designs that they offer.  When you speak to MQS, let us know what your specific requests are, and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your needs. 

“With MQS Structures, you can customize your space to what fits your needs.”

Convenient Location 

Custom pole Barns in Ohio made by MQS Structures will be conveniently located on your property.  If you were to rent a storage unit, you would have to travel back and forth to the facility to get your belongings.  That wastes time, energy, and the money to drive to the facility and back home.  Save yourself the hassle and contact us for a customized building from MQS Structures.   

Save Money 

Say you are considering renting a storage unit from a storage facility.  Now think about what the monthly and yearly costs would be.  The expenses can add up quickly can’t they?  Many people who own customized agricultural buildings in Ohio say it is one of the best purchases they have made.  The investment of a new building clearly pays off over time. 

agricultural buildings in Ohio

If one day you decide to relocate and sell your home, a new building from MQS Structures would only increase the value of your property.  It would also make your listing more appealing to potential buyers. 

Call MQS Structures today! 

These are just a few of the benefits that new farm buildings in Ohio can provide to you.  If a new building is in your future, please give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334.  We can discuss the many different customizations we offer for our buildings. 

We look forward to hearing from you and working together to build the perfect building for your storage needs! 

Preparing Your Barn For Heavy Snow Loads

Amish Barn Builders in Ohio

Winter in Ohio can be unpredictable.  Some years there is hardly any snow, but in other years the snow never seems to stop.  As a leader among Amish Barn Builders in Ohio, MQS Structures has a list of things you may want to keep in mind when it comes to constructing your new pole building in Ohio. 

Snow Loads 

When you hear the term “snow load,” it refers to the amount of force that post frame buildings in Ohio can withstand due to accumulated snow.  Typically, one cubic foot of snow weighs between ten to twenty pounds.  More compacted snow will be heavier than powdery, fresh snow.  The snow loads could vary depending on what region you live in. 

Risks of Large Snow Loads 

The most significant consequence of a heavy snow load would be a collapsed roof.  The best way to prevent this is to have additional trusses and rafters installed inside farm buildings in Ohio.  Also, a higherpitched roof will prevent less snow accumulation due to the snow sliding off the roof as it gets heavier.   

Another risk of snow loads on agricultural buildings in Ohio is the formation of ice dams.  When a building does not have proper insulation, the heat will rise to the attic.  The lack of insulation causes the snow to melt on top of the building and trickledown, where it later refreezes.  Eventually, melted snow can drip through your building’s roof. 

Amish Barn Builders in Ohio

Building Recommendations 

  • Drainage – a quality drainage system will prevent water pooling; also, make sure your gutters are clear of debris 
  • Snow Distribution – snow will typically not fall straight down due to windy conditions in Ohio; pay close attention to the direction your building is facing as there will likely be uneven snow distribution 
  • Purlins – if purlins are spaced close together, then your building will be able to withstand higher snow loads as they can transfer snow loads more evenly 

Call MQS Structures Today! 

As one of the leading Amish Barn Builders in Ohio, MQS Structures is here to help with questions you have in getting your post frame buildings in Ohio ready for winter.  Our team has over 25 years of post frame experience, so you can rest assured that your new building will be built to handle the most challenging snow loads that Ohio has to offer. 

Contact us today; we look forward to working with you on your next building project!

How to Customize Your Riding Arena

custom horse barn builders in Ohio

If you are a horse owner in Ohio, you want the best features possible to enhance your riding arena.  In fact, you are probably researching all the best custom horse barn builders in Ohio.  One reason you should choose MQS Structures is our variety of custom features that we can add to your arena. 

Below is a list of some of the many things MQS Structures can add to your arena to give it the personal touch you need. 

  • Cupola
  • Dutch Doors 
  • Wash Stalls
  • Stirrup Guards
  • Lofts


A cupola is common for all types of farm buildings in Ohio.  Their function is to provide ventilation and lighting throughout the structure, as well as improve air quality.  Many arena owners choose to add a cupola because it adds a little extra personality to their building.  The traditional look of a cupola gives a barn-like feel to your arena. 

custom horse barn builders in Ohio

Dutch Doors 

Dutch doors are frequently installed by custom horse barn builders in Ohio.  A Dutch door is basically two doors in one.  There is a top door than can be opened while keeping the bottom door closed.  The benefits of the two doors are that fresh air can enter the room through the top door, while also keeping animals inside their stalls thanks to the bottom door. 

Wash Stalls 

Many custom pole barns in Ohio that are used for horses contain a wash stall.  These are convenient for giving your horse a nice bath after a day of riding.  The most significant benefit of a wash stall is that your horse can be bathed indoors and not subjected to the cold weather of being washed outside.  Plus, there is no risk of the horse getting loose within a wash stall. 

Stirrup Guard 

Also known as a rider wall, a stirrup guard is an extra wall of protection that is to prevent riders and horses from accidentally hitting the outside posts of the riding arena.  Typically for horse barns, riding arenas, or any of the many agricultural buildings in Ohio, stirrup guards are built approximately five feet high.  This height is just enough so that a rider’s stirrups and knees are not vulnerable to hit the arena’s outside walls. 

custom horse barn builders in Ohio


A loft can be added towards the top of the arena to store hay and other supplies for your animal.  Lofts are a great way to save space within your riding arena so that you can maximize your square footage for as much riding area as possible. 

Contact MQS Structures Today!

If you are looking to customize your barn, arena, or pole building in Ohio, please contact us today.  MQS Structures is a leader in constructing agricultural buildings in Ohio, thanks to our top-notch quality and service.   

Let us know how we can make the perfect building for you!

Building an Event Barn and What to Consider 

pole barn builders in Ohio

For a small gathering, you can simply host it at a restaurant or someone’s house, but what about for something more extensive like a wedding, family reunion, or graduation party?  If you like to host these types of gatherings, you may want to consider an event barn. 

As one of the leading pole barn builders in Ohio, we have seen event barns become more popular in recent years.  Here are some of the benefits of adding this structure to your property. 


Pole barns do not require as much deep foundation as many other structures, which is helpful for your budget.  The foundation is set up by the deepset posts which provide the buildings support.  The maintenance required on pole barns is typically far less than most other structures, and the barn is built to last for many years.   

Quick Assembly 

Unlike a house that requires lots of detail on the interior before it is complete, a pole barn is basically complete once the exterior is finished. 

“Depending on your building’s size, it is not uncommon for an entire building to be ready within 1 to 2 weeks after delivery.”

As one of the premier custom post frame builders in Ohio, MQS will strive to ensure your new building is done efficiently and with the utmost quality.


Although your event barn’s primary focus is to be hosting large gatherings, you can still use it for personal use.  During the downtimes, especially during the winter, not as many events are being planned.  You can utilize your pole building in Ohio to store lots of things like vehicles, large equipment, patio furniture during the winter, and many other options.   

Open Space 

Event barns are becoming more popular for things like wedding receptions due to the endless open space.  Pole barns do not require as much interior support, thus leaving more space for things like a dance floor, lots and lots of tables and chairs, a bar, or a stage.  As one of the leading custom post frame builders in Ohio we know that there are a variety of options!   

pole barn builders in Ohio

Request a Quote Today! 

If you are considering adding an event barn to your property, feel free to request a quote today.  You can also call us at (855) 677-3334, and our team will assist you with any structural or design questions you might have.   

MQS Structures is considered one of the top pole barn builders in Ohio because we pride ourselves on providing topnotch quality and service from the design process through the completion of your new building.  Besides pole barns, we specialize in many other agricultural buildings in Ohio, and we’d be glad to discuss all of our options with you.

The Specifics of Post Frame Construction

custom post frame builders in Ohio

MQS Structures is considered a top company when it comes to agricultural buildings in Ohio.  We have built numerous structures in the state that all meet UBC and IBC standards.  Our buildings are built using post frames and contain large solid sawn columns.  Other buildings typically use wood studs, steel frames, or concrete.  The columns will transfer the loads to the ground and are mounted to concrete for extra support. 

Costs of Post Frame

Typically post frame construction for pole barn builders in Ohio is not as time-consuming as other systems.  With the construction process taking less time, that typically results in the cost being less expensive than other systems as well.  Post frames use large columns, which allows for a higher load capacity.  This process results in using less building material and keeps costs down for the customer. 

Post frame construction is different than other types of building processes because the posts are spaced farther apart.  This provides a large wall cavity as well as allowing additional room for more insulation.  The further the posts are spaced out, the less the cost will be. 

custom post frame builders in Ohio

Another factor that can be a cost-saver for custom post frame builders in Ohio is that they do not require a concrete foundation.  It is still an option if that is something you would prefer.  The biggest requirement to getting your building process started is having a level terrain for your building site, which is great news if you are interested in a barn that does not have a concrete base. 

The Versatility of Post Frame 

As a leader among custom post frame builders in Ohio, MQS Structures knows the versatility that a post frame building can provide.  Our building process does not change, no matter what your building will be used for.  As an example, a new storage shed will be built the same way that a horse stable is built.   

There are several other uses for pole barns, for example a horse barn.  MQS Structures is one of the leading custom horse barn builders in Ohio, but specializes in many other structures, such as:

  • Garage/Workshop 
  • Stable 
  • Riding Arena 
  • Office 
  • Commercial Building 
  • RV/Boat Storage 
  • Storage Unit 

If you have any questions on post frame construction, feel free to reach out to our team at (855) 677-3334.  We are considered one of the leaders among farm buildings in Ohio.  We pride ourselves on our integrity, work ethic, and customer service.  

Our team can help you decide on what your next step is to get the building that works best for you! 

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