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The Purpose of Cupolas for Ohio Agricultural Buildings 

Ohio agricultural buildings

If you decide to add one of the many different types of Ohio agricultural buildings to your property, MQS Structures knows that there are lots of design aspects to think about.  What type of building should I get?  What colors would look best?  What type of roof is the most durable? 

However, one thing you may not be considering for your custom pole barn in Ohio is a cupola.  Many people think cupolas are just a feature to make the structure look more like a farm building, however, did you know that cupolas play an important role in your building’s longevity? 

In this article, we will cover three of the primary benefits of installing a cupola for agricultural buildings in Ohio: 

  • Structure 
  • Ventilation 
  • Lighting 


A cupola is a dome-like structure projecting from the top of the roof of many custom farm buildings in Ohio.  Cupolascan be broken down into three parts: cap, vent, and base.  The cap can come in several different shapes and sizes, but typically it is a pyramid shape.  The vents come in different styles such as windows, slats, or screens.  The base is normally a pretty standard design for all cupolas. 

Ohio agricultural buildings


Whenever you have an enclosed building, fresh air needs to be able to cycle inside somehow.  Air inside the structure can become stale, smelly, and dangerous if there is no air source.  A cupola’s most vital role is allowing fresh, clean air to enter the building while removing gasses previously inside.  Cupola ventilation plays an crucial role in allowing hay to cure while it is being stored inside post frame building in Ohio. 

Ohio agricultural buildings


Cupolas are not strictly for ventilation or design.  Many cupolas are installed to enhance the lighting inside a post frame garage in Ohio.   Many cupolas (like the one pictured above) feature windows, which work like a car’s sunroof or a home’s skylights.  Cupolas are a great source of natural light that is also eco-friendly.   

Ohio agricultural buildings

Now that you know have a little background on cupolas for post frame buildings in Ohio, give MQS Structures a call at (855) MQS-3334 and we can help determine what type of cupola would be best for your building.  As one of the premier custom horse barn builders in Ohio, MQS Structureshas the expertise to make sure any addition to your structure is done with the highest level of craftsmanship. 


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Why Wainscot is a Good Choice for Ohio Farm Buildings

Ohio farm buildings

The exterior of your Ohio farm building is important for many reasons.  It not only protects the contents inside your building, but the outside appearance can help make your building stand out.  One popular choice for many building owners is using wainscot for their building’s exterior. 

Wainscot is the steel paneling on the exterior of many Ohio agricultural buildings.  It is a very functional material as well as being aesthetically pleasing.  This article will dive deeper into why many custom post frame builders in Ohio recommend wainscot for Ohio farm buildings. 

Three of the most popular reasons for choosing wainscot are: 


  • Gives Your Building Visual Appeal 
  • Adds a Protective Layer to Your Building 
  • More Replaceable than Other Materials 

Visual Appeal 

Adding wainscot to a pole building in Ohio gives it that extra level of detail that makes it stand out.  Typically, many building owners choose to have the color of their wainscot match the color of the building’s roof.  It gives the building more character and an extra level of color as it is usually a different color than the rest of the exterior walls (see picture below). 

Ohio farm buildings

Adds Protection 

On the outside, many people notice how nice wainscot looks, but more importantly, it serves a purpose in protecting the building.  The lower portions of the exterior wall are more vulnerable to dents, dirt, debris, and moisture from the ground.  Adding this extra layer of wainscot will help keep your Ohio pole building safe from all of mother nature’s elements.  

Easily Replaceable 

Though wainscot is a very durable material, but if there is an accident or a severe storm that damages your building’s wainscot, the wainscot panels can be easily replaced.  Wainscot is typically made in small sections three to four feet tall, so replacing one section is much less difficult than replacing a full sixteen-foot metal panel.  The price for smaller sections of wainscot is much more reasonable than a full panel as well. 

Ohio farm buildings

MQS Structures 

If you are interested in purchasing a new Ohio agricultural building, give MQS Structures a call today at (855) MQS-3334.  Our experienced team will gladly answer design questions you might have and help customize your building to fit your needs. 

With over 25 years of experience constructing Ohio farm buildings, MQS Structures has been firmly established as one of the leading custom post frame builders in Ohio.  For a free quote contact us online or call us today! 

Ideas for Your New Garage Hobby Shop in Ohio

garage hobby shop in Ohio

A popular trend for many homeowners is to have a designated room to watch sports, play darts or pool, and drink a few adultbeverages with the guys.  Most people refer to this as a “man cave.”  However, have you ever considered adding a separate Ohio post frame garage to your property to give your man cave its own separate space?   

This article will explore a few options for your new pole building in Ohio that might take your man cave to the next level.  Some popular choices include: 

  • Theater Room 
  • Bar 
  • Game Room 
  • Garage Hobby Shop 

Theater Room 

A theater room is an excellent option for a spare bedroom at your home, but the noise could be an issue for anyone that is outside the walls.  If you have your own separate Ohio post frame garage, you won’t have to worry about bothering the other members of your household. 

You can bring the whole family to the building and make it feel like a trip to the movie theater.  Pop some popcorn, turn down the lights, crank up the sound, and enjoy the movie! 

Sports Bar 

A night out at a local sports bar is always a fun time when hanging out with friends.  Why not invite them over to your own bar instead!?  Stock up on your favorite beverages, add a refrigerator, get some TVs, build a custom bar, and make sure you have plenty of seating.  Your Ohio post frame building might end up being the best place in town for friends to gather to watch the big game or just hang out on the weekends.  

garage hobby shop in Ohio

Game Room

Depending on the size of your new man cave, you may just have enough room to sneak in a few table games.  You might look into purchasing a table that can convert from pool to ping pong if you are trying to maximize your space.  Or maybe a poker table which can convert to a dining room table would be a good fit.  There’s also air hockey tables, shuffleboard tables, dartboards; the possibilities are endless! 

Garage Hobby Shop

If you are looking for an extra space to do some woodwork, tune-up the mower, or just a place to store all your tools, a garage hobby shop in Ohio is a great choice.  Many people find that their garages at home get too cluttered, and they can no longer park their car inside.  An Ohio garage hobby shop gives you an additional place to store items that might have been cluttering your home’s garage.  It’s also a great place to work on projects so that you’re not disrupting the house.     

garage hobby shop in Ohio

Contact MQS Structures 

If you are considering adding a garage hobby shop in Ohio, then look no further!  MQS Structures has over 25 years of construction experience when it comes to Ohio farm buildings  Give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334 or contact us online to request a free quote.  Our team looks forward to working with you! 

How Ohio Post Frame Buildings are Better for the Environment 

Ohio post frame buildings

The benefits of choosing post frame construction for farm buildings are numerous.  Ohio post frame buildings can be used to store equipment, park vehicles, host events, or they can even be used as a man cave.  The possibilities are truly endless! 

One benefit of Ohio pole buildings that many owners may not realize is that they are very environmentally friendly.  This article will cover five of the top reasons why a building from MQS Structures is a smart choice when it comes to leaving a small environmental footprint.   

Energy Efficient 

MQS uses lumber as the primary material to build agricultural buildings in Ohio.  Compared to other building materials, lumber requires a much smaller amount of energy to be converted into the proper dimensions to be ready for construction.  


Nearly all materials used to build Ohio custom pole barns are recyclable or can be re-used if the building is removed for any reason.  As mentioned before, lumber is the primary material we use for the structure of our buildings, and it can be chipped or turned into particle board to be used again in the future.

Ohio post frame buildings

Fewer Materials Required 

When it comes to the construction of Ohio post frame buildings, most of the materials required to finish the build are for the building’s exterior.  The building’s interior is a wide-open space typically used to park equipment, vehicles, or store materials.  With that wide open layout, there are minimal materials required for the inside of the building. 

Compare the materials required to build a typical home with what it takes to build a pole building in Ohio, and you will easily notice how much more a home requires.  Typical Ohio post frame buildings can have all the materials delivered in just one or two truck shipments.  


When it comes to Ohio farm buildings, MQS Structures uses engineered wood, which is made to withstand high winds, heavy snow loads, torrential downpours, and other severe weather conditions.  Our construction designs exceed all local construction codes when it comes to the strength of your building.   

This benefits the environment as you know your building will last the test of time, and you won’t have to buy more materials to fix or replace your building.  Thus, keeping your environmental footprint minimal. 

Ohio post frame buildings 

Contact MQS Structures

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly pole building in Ohio, contact MQS Structures at (855) MQS-3334 or request a quote online.  With over 25 years of construction experience, it is no accident that we are considered one of the premier Ohio Amish barn builders.   

We look forward to helping you design and build the perfect building to fit your needs.  Give us a call today! 


Garage Door Options for Custom Pole Barns in Ohio

agricultural buildings in Ohio

When you are making design plans for your new building, whether it’s a garage hobby shop in Ohio or one of the many other types of agricultural buildings in Ohio, what features do you think will make it stand out?  What features do you think will make it the most functional?  These are important questions you need to ask yourself before the construction process starts. 

This article will showcase the different types of garage doors that one of the leading custom post frame builders in OhioMQS Structures, offers to their customers.  We wilexplain some of the benefits of each type of door, and hopefully it will give you a better understanding of which door would be best for your new building. 

Types of Garage Doors

There are multiple types of garage doors that MQS Structures offers for custom pole barns in Ohio.  Those include: 

  • Single Sliding Door with Window 
  • Split Sliding Door 
  • Garage Door Carriage Style 
  • Commercial Garage Door 
  • Residential Garage Door 

Single Sliding Door With Window (pictured below on the left) 

Single sliding doors immediately give agricultural buildings in Ohio a distinct barn look.  They provide a large entrance so that vehicles and equipment can be easily moved in and out.  Adding a window to this door can add extra lighting as well as a little extra style and charm to your building. 

agricultural buildings in Ohio

Split Sliding Door (pictured above on the right) 

Similar to a single sliding door, these provide easy access to farm buildings in Ohio.  The most significant difference is that with a split sliding door, there are two separate sliding doors that meet in the middle.  With each door being half the size of a single sliding door, the doors will be lighter and easier to maneuver.   

Garage Door – Carriage Style (pictured below) 

Carriage style doors are another popular choice for many agricultural buildings in Ohio.  They are typically onepiece doors with stylish accents.  Many have windows typically medium to small in size, which give the door more of a home feel instead of a building.  You can accent your door with decorative hinges and handles as well. 

agricultural buildings in Ohio

Commercial Garage Door (pictured below on the left) 

This heavier duty garage door option is a onepiece door that slides up vertically when opened.  These can be automatic or manually opened and closed are typically a very generic style with minimal style added. 

agricultural buildings in Ohio

Residential Garage Door (pictured above on the right) 

A residential garage door is similar to a commercial garage door in that it is a one-piece door that opens vertically.  The difference is that there is more style added to the outside of these doors.  As seen in the picture above, multiple rectangles or squares are a common style choice for these. 

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