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Ice Dams, Preventing them on Your Farm Buildings

West Virginia farm buildings

Winter in West Virginia can be brutal.  Although the snow can be a beautiful site, there are frigid temperatures and heavy accumulations that come along with it.

With the winter season comes many risks and concerns for owners of West Virginia farm buildings.  Heavy snow loads, high winds, and keeping the building warm enough for livestock.  One other concern for those who own agricultural buildings in West Virginia is the formation of ice dams.   

What Causes Ice Dams?

Ice dams are mainly formed by snow and typically not by an actual ice storm.  When snow sits on the roof of a pole building in West Virginia, it can potentially melt if the area just below the roof is heated.  The snow melts and then runs down to the eaves.  The eaves (the part of the roof that overhangs or meets the building’s walls) are not heated, so if the outside temperature is below freezing, the melted snow will refreeze near the eaves and continue to accumulate.  This sequence creates an ice dam that will get larger and larger as more melted snow makes its way to the eaves.

Ice dams can become so large that the eaves and gutters may not be able to support the weight.  A large ice dam can damage eaves and cause the gutters of West Virginia farm buildings to loosen or be ripped off the structure.

West Virginia farm buildings

How Can We Prevent Ice Dams?

To ensure a structurally sound pole building in West Virginia, contact MQS Structures to design and construct your building.  Our team of experts will guarantee a leveled, sturdy building, which will decrease the risk of ice dam formation significantly.   

Once installed, be sure to provide adequate insulation levels to your post frame garage in West Virginia.  Areas that are not adequately insulated will pose a higher risk of ice dam formation and could lead to leaks or other serious damage to your building.   

The Benefits of a Metal Roof for Ice Dam Prevention

Our custom post frame builders in West Virginia use metal roofs for our builds.  One significant benefit of metal roofs is that they have less friction than other materials, which causes snow to slide off much more easily and prevents heavy accumulation on your building.

West Virginia farm buildings

If you are looking to add a new structure to your property and are researching different types of West Virginia farm buildings, let MQS Structures help you create the perfect design.  Whether it’s for storage, farm use, or for hosting events, MQS Structures specializes in West Virginia agricultural buildings, and we would love to work with you on your next big project.  Give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334.

What Sets Amish Barn Builders Apart?

Amish barn builders in Cumberland

As one of the premier Amish barn builders in Cumberland, MQS Structures has been proud to serve the area for over 25 years.  We know that there are other options when it comes to constructing agricultural buildings in Cumberland, so we greatly appreciate all of our loyal customers. 

No doubt, you have probably heard people rave about the quality of a barn, or a piece of furniture, or any other item that was assembled using Amish construction.  You may ask, “Why is it that Amish construction is better than the competition?”  This article well explain four of the key benefits of choosing Amish craftsmanship for items like farm buildings in Cumberland. 


  • Experience 
  • Accuracy 
  • Materials 
  • Customization 


In Amish communities, children begin working with their families at an early age.  Typically, once they have the strength and coordination to operate tools, they learn directly from their parents the importance of superior craftsmanship.  This early experience makes them high-quality Amish barn builders in Cumberland by the time they are adults.  

Amish barn builders in Cumberland


Amish craftsmanship is centered around paying attention to the tiniest of details.  Whether it’s making sure that every board is cut to the precise length or ensuring that every aspect of the structure is perfectly level, every Amish pole building in Cumberland must meet the most detailed specifications to be approved.  


Some other companies may try to get by on using as little lumber as possible to get the job done, but that’s not the case with MQS Structures.  Amish barn builders in Cumberland use high-quality lumber and more materials than most of our competitors.  This ensures you will have the highest quality building possible that lasts the test of time.   

Our customers can save money by choosing standard lengths for their building materials.  The fewer customizations, the more you can save on the construction process. 

Amish barn builders in Cumberland


However, MQS Structures can work with you on any customizations you would like for your building.  Whether it’s exterior features (like a cupola or extra windows) or interior features (like stairs or an office), our team will be glad to discuss all design options for your Cumberland pole building and try to implement them into the build. 

Amish barn builders in Cumberland

If you are in the market for a new farm building for your property, contact our team of custom post frame builders in Cumberland today.  You can contact us online and request a free quote, or give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334. 

Making Your Farm Building Stand Out 

custom post frame builders in Cumberland

As one of the leading custom post frame builders in CumberlandMQS Structures knows that many of our clients are farmers and ranchers.  They work hard every day and need a rugged, durable Cumberland farm building that will stand the test of time.

On top of assembling the toughest farm buildings in Cumberland, our MQS Structures team offers many design options to help make your building the shining star of your property.  This article will explain some of the ways you can make a functional Cumberland agricultural building stand out.

Exterior Design Options

If you are concerned about curb appealMQS Structures has the design team for you. When you build with us, you will be offered a variety of ways to aesthetically enhance your Cumberland post frame building. 

Starting with the exterior, we offer several color options that you can design on our website.  If you are not sure which colors would look best, speak to one of our design experts, and they’ll be happy to provide their recommendations.   

custom post frame builders in Cumberland

Endless Color Combinations

As you will find out, there are several colors to choose from, and that’s for each aspect of your building.  Whether it’s the doors, roofing, siding, wainscoting, or trim, you can pick different colors for any of them and design a structure that is customized to your unique color preferences. 

Interior Design Options

Although the exterior is what everyone will notice from afar, the interior of your Cumberland farm building is where much of your work will get done.  Be sure to add features that will be pleasing to look at but functional as well.   

custom post frame builders in Cumberland

Our custom post frame builders in Cumberland can add various features to your building like stairs, an interior office with a loft above, reflective insulation, and much more.  See a list of some other features you can add to your building by clicking here.  If you don’t see something listed that you’d like to add to your design, just ask and we will do our best to implement it into the design. 

custom post frame builders in Cumberland

With a combination of oldfashioned values and modern technologyMQS Structures is an experienced, reliable company specializing in Cumberland custom pole barns for over 25 years If you would like to get in touch with us, call (855) MQS-3334, or to receive a free estimate please fill out our convenient quote form.

We look forward to working with you!

Choosing the Ideal Lean-To Design

West Virginia agricultural buildings

Are you considering adding one of the many different types of West Virginia agricultural buildings to your property?  If so, you have like researched the different designs that custom post frame builders in West Virginia have to offer. 

You may just want a simple, cookie-cutter design building to store the basics like farm equipment, supplies, etc.  Or you might be more intrigued by a structure with lots of customizations to help put your personality or style into it.  One feature you may want to consider for custom pole barns in West Virginia is adding a lean-to in order to maximize your new building.

What is a lean-to? 

A lean-to is an extension of the main structure to provide some extra space for storage, shade, etc., and can be used for many different purposes.  Below we will explain three different lean-to designs that MQS Structures can add to your pole building in West Virginia. 

  • WrapAround Lean-To 
  • Partly Closed Lean-To 
  • Open Lean-To 

WrapAround Lean-To 

The wraparound design is very versatile as it allows for both storage and convenience.  It can be a covered parking spot for smaller items like trailers, mowers, or a four-wheeler.  It also provides nice shade if you want to relax and enjoy a nice West Virginia breeze while being out of the sun. 

West Virginia agricultural buildings

Partly Closed Lean-To 

Many owners of farm buildings in West Virginia will use a partly closed lean-to like they would a small garage.  The benefit of a partly closed design is its outside wall, which provides one extra layer of protection compared to other lean-to designs.  A partly closed design is also good for storage for things like hay, feed, and other supplies that are used regularly on the farm. 

West Virginia agricultural buildings

Open Lean-To 

An open lean-to makes many building owners feel like their building is much more spacious, even though it is an exterior feature.  The open lean-to is very similar to a patio, with a roof to provide shade and protect you from the elements.  Set up a few patio chairs, get the grill going, invite over a few friends, and enjoy a beautiful West Virginia day.  

West Virginia agricultural buildings

If you are researching West Virginia agricultural buildings and are looking for the right company to implement the perfect design, look no further than MQS Structures.  As one of the premier custom post frame builders in West Virginia, our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your new structure is precisely the way you want it. 

Give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334.  We look forward to working with you!  

Are Gutters Necessary for Pole Barns?

custom pole barns in Pittsburgh

When you are designing a custom pole barn in Pittsburgh, there are various factors to consider.  How big should the building be?  What color would look best?  What features should be added?  The list is pretty long, that’s for sure. 

One area some people may consider trying to save money on is the gutters.  Many people think that since their pole building in Pittsburgh won’t be used as a residence, they can save some money by skipping out on having gutters installed.  This article will look at some of the factors that may help you decide what to do regarding gutters for your Pittsburgh custom pole barn. 


The most important factor when making a decision about gutters is knowing your climate.  If you are in a hot, dry area like many parts of Arizona or Southern California, gutters may not be necessary for a structure.  However, when it comes to Pittsburgh pole buildings, that’s a different story. 

custom pole barns in Pittsburgh

Precipitation Amounts 

On average, the city of Pittsburgh receives quite a bit of moisture in a typical calendar year.  During a typical year, Pittsburgh has precipitation for 140 of the 365 calendar days.  So that averages out to two or three days a week where there will be either rain, hail, snow, sleet, or ice falling from the sky. 

The average amount of total rainfall in a year is over 38 inches, while the average yearly snowfall is over 27 inches.  So, with a combined total of 65 inches of precipitation, you can see why gutters might be a good investment for your post frame garage in Pittsburgh 

custom pole barns in Pittsburgh

Benefits of Gutters 

During heavy storms, gutters play a critical role in keeping Pittsburgh agricultural buildings structurally sound.  Gutters will collect moisture coming off the roof and carry it through a downspout, which pushes it away from the building.   

Without gutters and downspoutscustom pole barns in Pittsburgh would be vulnerable to water pooling near the structure.  Excess water accumulation can cause the building to wear down more quickly and can also cause issues with the building’s foundation. 

custom pole barns in Pittsburgh

If you are considering adding a new Pittsburgh farm building to your property, contact MQS Structures today.  Our team will help design the perfect building for you and provide friendly advice on customizations and features that will fit your needs.  With over 25 years of post frame construction experience, you can trust our team of builders and designers to get you the perfect structure. 

Give us a call at (855) MQS-3334 to get started today! 

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