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Why West Virginia Post Frame Buildings are a Good Investment

post frame building in West Virginia

As a homeowner in West Virginia, you want to be up to date with ways to increase the value of your property.  Whether it’s remodeling your kitchen, upgrading the exterior with fresh paint, or adding another room to your home, there are endless options when you are looking to maximize your property.

One thing many people are to their property is a post frame building in West Virginia.  A new post frame structure can open a variety of different options for your home, increase the property value, and protect some of your valuable assets.  This article will explain some of the financial benefits of a new West Virginia post frame building. 

Adds Property Value 

If you ever decide to put your property on the market, a post frame building will be an additional selling point for potential buyers.  When purchasing a home, buyers are looking for more than just a quality house but are also interested in the property overall.  An asset like a West Virginia post frame building will unlock many possibilities for buyers and may increase the demand for your home.   

post frame building in West Virginia

Protects Your Assets 

Various weather elements can negatively affect your assets in West Virginia.  Whether it’s the hot summer or the cold winter, leaving items outside can diminish their value and productivity.  At MQS Structures, our custom post frame builders in West Virginia will help design a building with the capacity to hold everything you need to protect.   

Valuable farm equipment like tractors, trailers, and mowers need to be protected when not in use.  Custom pole barns in West Virginia are a great place to store these items until the next time you are ready to work on the farm. 

post frame building in West Virginia

No More Storage Units 

Many of us will rent basic storage units for our seasonal items like Christmas decorations and patio furniture or rent larger units for boats and RVs.  With your own custom post frame building in West Virginia, you can save money on monthly rental fees and trips back and forth to the storage facility.  You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that all your valuable assets are just a few feet away and on your own property. 

post frame building in West Virginia

If you would like to invest in a new post frame garage in West Virginia, please contact MQS Structures today.  Our team has over 25 years of post frame construction experience, and we would love the opportunity to earn your business. 

Give us a call at (855) MQS-3334 or go online to receive a free estimate.  We look forward to hearing from you! 


Adding a Post Frame Building to Your Business

post frame building in Pittsburgh

For all you business owners, you know how challenging it is to run a company.  Even when your business is thriving, there are still many challenges you must deal with on a daily basis. 

One challenge you may encounter (and it’s a good problem to have) is when your business gets so big that you need to move to a bigger location.  When that happens, one option you will want to consider is a post frame building in Pittsburgh.   

Our team at MQS Structures has been building commercial and industrial facilities for our customers for over 25 years.  There are reasons to choose a pole building in Pittsburgh for your business, and this article will explain some of the most significant benefits.   

Spacious Design 

Once the exterior of your Pittsburgh post frame building is complete, you will have a wideopen floor plan to work with for your design.  Your building could be used as:  

  • A warehouse to store large amounts of inventory 
  • A retail store  
  • An office or call center  
  • All of the above! (depending on the size of the building)   

You can get as creative as you want with your Pittsburgh pole building since there will be lots of space and minimal obstacles to hamper your design plans. 

post frame building in Pittsburgh

Less Expensive Materials 

When it comes to post frame buildings in Pittsburgh, you can expect the price of all the materials to be significantly less than an office building or brick and mortar building.  Things like drywall, interior loadbearing walls, and other items you see in a typical business building are not always needed for a post frame building.  

With fewer materials for your new building comes fewer labor costs to construct the building.  The number of working hours is much smaller for a crew constructing Pittsburgh post frame buildings compared to many other types of structures. 


Our custom post frame builders at MQS Structures use rustresistant painted steel for the exterior of your building.  We also use more lumber than many post frame competitors to ensure your building has the utmost security and durability.  Our posts and trusses are spaced close together to exceed local building codes. 

post frame building in Pittsburgh

If your business is expanding, then let MQS Structures help you get to the next level with a new post frame building in Pittsburgh.  Our team is ready to answer any questions you have regarding the design and construction of your new store, warehouse, or office.   

Give us a call at (855) MQS-3334 or fill out a form online to receive a free quote.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Designing a Hayloft for Your Custom Horse Barn

custom horse barn builders in Cumberland

If you have decided to add a new barn to your property in order to create a shelter for your horses, there are many different customizations to consider.  As one of the leading custom horse barn builders in CumberlandMQS Structures knows that one of the most important aspects of a horse barn is the hayloft.   

You will want to ensure that the loft meets all of your needs so that you can properly store and access hay, feed, and other supplies necessary to keep all of your livestock happy and healthy.  So while it’s easy to primarily focus on the ground floor of your new barn, be sure to consider the hayloft when you and our team of Cumberland custom horse barn builders discuss the final details. 

A few customizations for haylofts that have been most popular for horse barn owners are: 

  • Installing a Stairwell to the Loft 
  • Including Multiple Hayloft Doors 
  • Fully Finish the Hayloft Floor 

custom horse barn builders in Cumberland

Installing a Stairwell to the Loft 

Nearly all barns have a ladder to gain access to the hayloft.  Whether it’s on the exterior or interior of the building, the ladder is a spacesaving option that gets the job done.   

However, a much easier way to get to the loft is by installing a stairwell.  Using the steps in Cumberland farm buildings is much safer and far less strenuous than using a ladder.  If you or any of your helpers on the farm have bad knees, feet, or simply don’t get around like you used to, a stairwell would be an excellent solution. 

custom horse barn builders in Cumberland

Including Multiple Hayloft Doors 

Throwing hay can be a tough job, especially during those hot summer days.  Save time and energy by installing multiple loft doors throughout your Cumberland agricultural buildings.  Extra doors can be beneficial for air circulation as well, since stale air can easily get trapped inside a Cumberland farm building that is full of hay and livestock.   

Fully Finish the Hayloft Floor 

Although a partially finished floor may be more cost-effective, a fully finished floor is a higher-quality and safer option.  Partially finished floors have small gaps between the boards and, over time, may shift or break, causing dangerous holes in the floor.  A Cumberland post frame building with a fully finished floor will have no gaps, which provides both stability and safety for you and your workers. 

custom horse barn builders in Cumberland

When it comes to custom horse barn builders in Cumberland, MQS Structures is a team you can trust.  We will provide unbeatable service from the design phase until your horse barn is complete.  If you have any questions, give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334 or request a quote online.   

We look forward to building the perfect horse barn for you! 

Designing a Post Frame Building for Livestock

post frame buildings in West Virginia

As one of the leading designers of post frame buildings in West VirginiaMQS Structures has built many types of agricultural buildings for various reasons.  Some structures are built to house heavyduty machinery like tractors, combines, trailers, or other farm equipment.  Other buildings are for storage purposes, whether it’s farm supplies or excess inventory.   

One more popular option for West Virginia farm buildings is to serve as a home for livestock such as cattle, pigs, or chickens.  In order to take good care of these animals and keep them healthy, your West Virginia agricultural building should be able to provide two essential things for your livestock: 


  • – A Constant Supply of Fresh Air 
  • – A Safe Shelter from Severe or Extreme Weather 

A Constant Supply of Fresh Air 

Animals naturally generate heat and gases, especially during the summer heat.  One way to prevent excess gas and unhealthy air is by cycling in fresh air.  Fresh air will help prevents respiratory diseases which are most common for cattle that are housed primarily inside.  Large fans can be set up inside the building to provide ventilation for the animals and keep the air constantly flowing.   

Also, many buildings are designed with a cupola at the tallest point on the roof.  A cupola allows fresh air to come in from the outside while releasing stale, unhealthy air from the inside.  A cupola is also aesthetically pleasing as it gives West Virginia post frame buildings more of a traditional barn look. 

post frame buildings in West Virginia

A Safe Shelter from Severe or Extreme Weather 

Weather can be unpredictable at times, and you want to make sure your West Virginia post frame building is capable of housing livestock during the worst conditions.  Pasture is typically a perfectly healthy option for cattle or horses as the fresh air and open spaces are ideal for these animals.   

But in the event of a blizzard, severe thunderstorm, or tornado, your livestock should have a structure large enough for them to take shelter in temporarily.  A post frame building in West Virginia, with one open door, should suffice in most situations; however, during the brutal cold, a fully enclosed building may be necessary to house smaller and more vulnerable animals. 

post frame buildings in West Virginia

If your farm could benefit from one of the various West Virginia farm buildings we offer, contact MQS Structures.  Our experienced and reliable team will provide you unmatched service from the design process until your building is complete.  We provide handson personal attention to all of your questions and concerns. 

Give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334, or your can request a quote online.  We look forward to working with you! 

Maintenance Tips for Post Frame Buildings

post frame buildings in Pittsburgh

Many building owners enjoy the versatility of post frame buildings in Pittsburgh.  They can be used for storage, raising livestock, hosting events, or can be turned into a garage hobby shop.  Farm buildings are truly valuable assets for their owners, and as one of the premier custom post frame builders in PittsburghMQS Structures has tips on how to keep your building in great shape to last the test of time. 

    • – Clean the Exterior
    • – Watch for Leaks
    • – Fix Damage Early
    • – Inspect Windows and Doors

Clean the Exterior 

Agricultural buildings in Pittsburgh will show some wear and tear over time, especially when there are high winds combined with snow, ice, or rain.  Dust or mildew can potentially accumulate as well on your building’s exterior.  We suggest giving the outside a nice high-pressure wash every few years, which gives the building a cleaner look and will prevent the materials from deteriorating as quickly.   

post frame buildings in Pittsburgh

Watch for Leaks  

After a severe storm, there is always the potential for damage to any structure.  Whether it’s rain, wind, or hail, all of these can impact your post frame buildings in Pittsburgh.  One issue to be aware of is leaks in the roof.  Though they may not always be easy to spot, a leak is an issue that should be addressed immediately once discovered.  Water leaking through the roof could potentially damage any contents that are inside the building.  If the leak is left untreated, it could become worse, resulting in even more damage. 

Fix Damage Early 

If any damage or defect is noticed on your Pittsburgh farm buildingsit should be repaired as soon as possible.  Whether there’s a hole in the wainscot after a mower accidentally bumped into it or the garage door is not closing properly, these problems should be addressed quickly to ensure that they don’t become bigger issues in the future.   

post frame buildings in Pittsburgh

Inspect Windows and Doors 

 If your Pittsburgh farm buildings need to stay at a specific interior temperature, we recommend doing a thorough check of all entry doors and windows.  Over time, older doors and windows become more vulnerable to drafts and leaks, which can change the interior temperature significantly for Pittsburgh agricultural buildings.  If you notice any leaks or drafts near your doors or windows, we suggest getting them repaired as soon as possible, especially before extreme temperature seasons like the winter and summer. 

post frame buildings in Pittsburgh

If you have any questions regarding maintenance for your building, or if you are considering purchasing a new building like a garage hobby shop in Pittsburgh, give MQS Structures a call today at (855) MQS-3334.  You can also request a quote online.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

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