Choosing the Right Windows and Doors for a Pole Building in West Virginia

pole building in west virginia

When you are making the final customizations for your pole building in West Virginia, there are various ways to put your own unique style into the design. Choosing colors for the interior and exterior walls is one way to make your building your very own, as there are countless color combinations you can choose from (you can see all the different color options here). Then there are other items to consider, like if you prefer a dirt floor on concrete, whether or not you want to add a cupola to the roof, and how big you want the entire building to be.

One other area to give careful consideration is when you are choosing the doors and windows for your new West Virginia pole building. A pole barn offers many advantages, such as versatility, durability, and energy efficiency. The right windows and doors are a critical piece in keeping utilities under control for your West Virginia post frame building. This article will explain just how important doors and windows are to a high-quality post frame building in West Virginia.


There are numerous door options that West Virginia pole barn builders offer, but you want to make sure you choose the right door to fit your needs. Traditional sliding doors are ideal for a pole building in West Virginia that is used to house heavy-duty equipment; however, they are not a very energy-efficient option since they don’t seal when they are closed.

pole building in west virginia

Overhead doors are typically operated remotely and are more efficient for buildings that have heavy traffic. These doors will seal when closed, which means less air transfer and better energy efficiency. Although overheard doors typically cost more up-front, they can save building owners some extra money over the long haul.


When selecting windows, it is important to consider how effective they will be at keeping temperatures regulated. Look for windows that can still allow sunlight without the temperature significantly increasing. Windows with solar control window film can deflect the majority of the sun’s heat, which allows West Virginia pole buildings to stay cool.

pole building in west virginia

Using aluminum frames for your windows is the ideal choice for energy efficiency. They can withstand water penetration and are stronger than vinyl. Aluminum frames also have a thermal break which separates the inside and the outside of the frame. This keeps colder temperatures from going through the frame and causing drastic temperature fluctuation inside the West Virginia post frame building.

pole building in west virginia

If you are considering adding a new pole barn to your property, MQS Structures will assist you with everything from the design process until the final nail is hammered in. Contact the premier West Virginia Amish barn builders today at (855) MQS-3334, or you can request a free estimate here.

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