Common Characteristics of the Best Pole Barns

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Although they share many characteristics, not all post frame buildings in Ohio are created equal. The best barns are carefully designed, well built, and used regularly. Before starting construction, consider the following characteristics of the very best pole barns.

Thoughtful Design

Some barns are exceedingly simple, consisting of four walls and a roof. Other barns are much more complex with multiple interior rooms, loft space, and various other options like plumbing, electricity, or even living quarters. What makes a great pole barn is that it meets the needs of the owner or business exactly. This is best achieved during a careful evaluation of needs and options during the design process.

The Right Location

We don’t recommend building a noisy workshop too close to your home (or your neighbor’s home). If you plan on having heavy trucks in and out of your barn every day, don’t build too far from a main road. The right location can significantly impact how useful your barn will be.

The Best Pole Barn Builders in Ohio

Although pole barns are relatively simple structures, a few mistakes during construction can cause big problems. The best pole barns are built by experienced barn builders. If you plan on building a horse barn, not just any pole barn builder will get all the details right. Make sure you work with experienced custom horse barn builders in Ohio.

The Best Materials

If you plan on using your post-frame garage, workshop, or pole barn every day, ensure that you use quality materials. With daily wear and tear, cheap doors, windows, and even siding will break down faster than you might imagine.

Pole Barn builders in Ohio


Even if the final product turns out nice, most people never get over the realization that they paid too much for their barn. It is always good to research the market price of materials and labor before agreeing to build with your prospective builder.

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If you are interested in building a barn, shop, garage, or even home, post-frame construction is an excellent choice. If you need help with the building process, contact MQS Structures.

At MQS Structures, we are post frame building specialists. If you have been planning on building a pole building in Ohio, we can work with you to make sure you get exactly the building you want.

We are a family-owned and operated company specializing in post-frame construction, steel-sided wood structures, and farm buildings in Ohio.

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