Custom Pole Barn or Pole Barn Kit?

Custom Pole Barn or Pole Barn Kit


When you are running out of storage and need to find a solution, something you may look into is adding a pole barn on your property. After doing your research, you will find that you have two options – hire custom pole barn builders or purchase a pole barn kit. But which option is the best choice? In this article, we are going to discuss whether you should go with a custom pole barn or pole barn kit. After all, post frame buildings are significant investments, so you need to do your research.  

How Custom Pole Barns Differentiate From Pole Barn Kits 

Custom pole barns and pole barn kits differentiate quite a bit from one another in many ways: 


Cost is one of the most frequently asked questions whenever someone is interested in receiving a pole barn, and rightly so. Like any building you build, you will have to invest in a decent amount of money into itWhen comparing the cost between custom pole barns and pole barn kits, you will likely find that kits are the more inexpensive option. However, you get what you pay for when it comes to barns. Custom pole barns are more expensive but tend to be of higher quality than kits. 


Quality should be your biggest concern when you are considering a pole barn. Post frame companies, including MQS Structures, pride themselves in supplying and building with the highest quality materials on the market. For instance, we commit to quality in our post frame buildings in Ohio by providing: 

  • Better framing lumber 
  • Steel entry and garage doors 
  • Rust-resistant painted steel exterior 
  • Screw application on steel exterior 

On the other hand, most pole barn kits come with standard features instead of quality materials.  

Time and Labor 

If you want a barn as soon as possible, a pole barn kit may not be your best choice. A kit doesn’t include a building crew, which means you will have to build the barn yourself. For many people, finding the time to construct a large barn is near to impossible. Fortunately, when choose a pole barn company to build you a custom barn you will receive your barn in just a few days once construction begins.  

Which One Will You Choose? 

Now that you know the difference between these two building options, which one will you choose? Here at MQS Structures, we have built custom pole barns in Ohio for many people. Hiring a pole barn company to build you a custom barn is a very smart idea. Request a quote from us by filling out our online form today! 

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