Designing a Hayloft for Your Custom Horse Barn

custom horse barn builders in Cumberland

If you have decided to add a new barn to your property in order to create a shelter for your horses, there are many different customizations to consider.  As one of the leading custom horse barn builders in CumberlandMQS Structures knows that one of the most important aspects of a horse barn is the hayloft.   

You will want to ensure that the loft meets all of your needs so that you can properly store and access hay, feed, and other supplies necessary to keep all of your livestock happy and healthy.  So while it’s easy to primarily focus on the ground floor of your new barn, be sure to consider the hayloft when you and our team of Cumberland custom horse barn builders discuss the final details. 

A few customizations for haylofts that have been most popular for horse barn owners are: 

  • Installing a Stairwell to the Loft 
  • Including Multiple Hayloft Doors 
  • Fully Finish the Hayloft Floor 

custom horse barn builders in Cumberland

Installing a Stairwell to the Loft 

Nearly all barns have a ladder to gain access to the hayloft.  Whether it’s on the exterior or interior of the building, the ladder is a spacesaving option that gets the job done.   

However, a much easier way to get to the loft is by installing a stairwell.  Using the steps in Cumberland farm buildings is much safer and far less strenuous than using a ladder.  If you or any of your helpers on the farm have bad knees, feet, or simply don’t get around like you used to, a stairwell would be an excellent solution. 

custom horse barn builders in Cumberland

Including Multiple Hayloft Doors 

Throwing hay can be a tough job, especially during those hot summer days.  Save time and energy by installing multiple loft doors throughout your Cumberland agricultural buildings.  Extra doors can be beneficial for air circulation as well, since stale air can easily get trapped inside a Cumberland farm building that is full of hay and livestock.   

Fully Finish the Hayloft Floor 

Although a partially finished floor may be more cost-effective, a fully finished floor is a higher-quality and safer option.  Partially finished floors have small gaps between the boards and, over time, may shift or break, causing dangerous holes in the floor.  A Cumberland post frame building with a fully finished floor will have no gaps, which provides both stability and safety for you and your workers. 

custom horse barn builders in Cumberland

When it comes to custom horse barn builders in Cumberland, MQS Structures is a team you can trust.  We will provide unbeatable service from the design phase until your horse barn is complete.  If you have any questions, give us a call today at (855) MQS-3334 or request a quote online.   

We look forward to building the perfect horse barn for you! 

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