Garage Door Options for Custom Pole Barns in Ohio

agricultural buildings in Ohio

When you are making design plans for your new building, whether it’s a garage hobby shop in Ohio or one of the many other types of agricultural buildings in Ohio, what features do you think will make it stand out?  What features do you think will make it the most functional?  These are important questions you need to ask yourself before the construction process starts. 

This article will showcase the different types of garage doors that one of the leading custom post frame builders in OhioMQS Structures, offers to their customers.  We wilexplain some of the benefits of each type of door, and hopefully it will give you a better understanding of which door would be best for your new building. 

Types of Garage Doors

There are multiple types of garage doors that MQS Structures offers for custom pole barns in Ohio.  Those include: 

  • Single Sliding Door with Window 
  • Split Sliding Door 
  • Garage Door Carriage Style 
  • Commercial Garage Door 
  • Residential Garage Door 

Single Sliding Door With Window (pictured below on the left) 

Single sliding doors immediately give agricultural buildings in Ohio a distinct barn look.  They provide a large entrance so that vehicles and equipment can be easily moved in and out.  Adding a window to this door can add extra lighting as well as a little extra style and charm to your building. 

agricultural buildings in Ohio

Split Sliding Door (pictured above on the right) 

Similar to a single sliding door, these provide easy access to farm buildings in Ohio.  The most significant difference is that with a split sliding door, there are two separate sliding doors that meet in the middle.  With each door being half the size of a single sliding door, the doors will be lighter and easier to maneuver.   

Garage Door – Carriage Style (pictured below) 

Carriage style doors are another popular choice for many agricultural buildings in Ohio.  They are typically onepiece doors with stylish accents.  Many have windows typically medium to small in size, which give the door more of a home feel instead of a building.  You can accent your door with decorative hinges and handles as well. 

agricultural buildings in Ohio

Commercial Garage Door (pictured below on the left) 

This heavier duty garage door option is a onepiece door that slides up vertically when opened.  These can be automatic or manually opened and closed are typically a very generic style with minimal style added. 

agricultural buildings in Ohio

Residential Garage Door (pictured above on the right) 

A residential garage door is similar to a commercial garage door in that it is a one-piece door that opens vertically.  The difference is that there is more style added to the outside of these doors.  As seen in the picture above, multiple rectangles or squares are a common style choice for these. 

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