Great Lighting Options According to Pole Barn Builders in West Virginia

As one of the leading pole barn builders in West Virginia, MQS Structures knows just how vital your pole barn is to your everyday routine. It is used to help you with everyday tasks on the farm and much-needed shelter and storage for various farming necessities.

With your West Virginia pole building, you will need ample lighting to ensure that you can do your farming tasks each day without any issues. Good lighting also has many other benefits that we will discuss. Here are some of the best lighting options you can have installed for your new custom pole barn in West Virginia.

Skylights and Windows

An easy way to provide some extra light during the day is to have a few skylights and windows added to your pole building in West Virginia. These are the most energy-efficient way to provide light in your structure because the sun is doing all the work. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any additional electricity costs on your bill. Windows do more than just provide some extra lighting, but on days where the exterior temperature is relatively comfortable, the windows can be opened to allow fresh air and extra ventilation to flow through your building.

 Pole Barn Builders In West Virginia

Motion Sensor Lighting for Your West Virginia Pole Building

If you are busy hustling around the farm on a dark evening and need to run into your barn, shed, or garage quickly to grab some tools or supplies, motion sensor lights can be a massive benefit to you. Pole barn builders in West Virginia recommend motion sensor lights because they are convenient and can save time. Instead of worrying about finding the light switch once you are inside, your motion sensor lights will immediately turn on so that you can get in and out with no worries at all.

These are convenient for the outside of the building as well. If you are locking up for the night and need just a little extra lighting so you can see your keys and the door handle, motion sensor lights will turn on for you and then turn back off a short time later once you leave. They are a very convenient and energy-efficient option, especially for West Virginia pole buildings.

 Pole Barn Builders In West Virginia

LED Lighting

Compared to fluorescent and halogen bulbs, LED lights are widely regarded as being the most superior option of the three. First, they are more energy-efficient, as they use almost 50% less electricity compared to the other options. They also have a much longer lifespan and do not burn out like other bulbs do; they simply dim over time. LEDs are also much more durable than traditional light bulbs since they do not shatter. So as you can see, there are a wide variety of reasons why LED lights are an excellent option for your West Virginia custom pole barn.

 Pole Barn Builders In West Virginia

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