How Ohio Post Frame Buildings are Better for the Environment 

Ohio post frame buildings

The benefits of choosing post frame construction for farm buildings are numerous.  Ohio post frame buildings can be used to store equipment, park vehicles, host events, or they can even be used as a man cave.  The possibilities are truly endless! 

One benefit of Ohio pole buildings that many owners may not realize is that they are very environmentally friendly.  This article will cover five of the top reasons why a building from MQS Structures is a smart choice when it comes to leaving a small environmental footprint.   

Energy Efficient 

MQS uses lumber as the primary material to build agricultural buildings in Ohio.  Compared to other building materials, lumber requires a much smaller amount of energy to be converted into the proper dimensions to be ready for construction.  


Nearly all materials used to build Ohio custom pole barns are recyclable or can be re-used if the building is removed for any reason.  As mentioned before, lumber is the primary material we use for the structure of our buildings, and it can be chipped or turned into particle board to be used again in the future.

Ohio post frame buildings

Fewer Materials Required 

When it comes to the construction of Ohio post frame buildings, most of the materials required to finish the build are for the building’s exterior.  The building’s interior is a wide-open space typically used to park equipment, vehicles, or store materials.  With that wide open layout, there are minimal materials required for the inside of the building. 

Compare the materials required to build a typical home with what it takes to build a pole building in Ohio, and you will easily notice how much more a home requires.  Typical Ohio post frame buildings can have all the materials delivered in just one or two truck shipments.  


When it comes to Ohio farm buildings, MQS Structures uses engineered wood, which is made to withstand high winds, heavy snow loads, torrential downpours, and other severe weather conditions.  Our construction designs exceed all local construction codes when it comes to the strength of your building.   

This benefits the environment as you know your building will last the test of time, and you won’t have to buy more materials to fix or replace your building.  Thus, keeping your environmental footprint minimal. 

Ohio post frame buildings 

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