How to Properly Light the Interior of Your Pole Barn

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Farmers, tradesmen, homeowners, and many others who need reliable, cost-efficient, weather-proof buildings consistently choose to build pole buildings in Ohio. This is no coincidence. Post frame buildings in Ohio offer great functionality for various uses.

If you own a pole barn or plan on building a pole barn, you are likely already aware of the many options available for barn size, shape, doors, windows, insulation, ventilation, etc. Another essential design element that every barn or garage owner needs to consider is lighting.

No one wants to work in the dark or spend all day carrying a flashlight around a poorly lit barn. With that in mind, our team at MQS Structures suggests taking some time to consider the different styles of lighting available for post frame garages and pole buildings in Ohio.

Windows and Doors

When building a pole barn, it’s necessary to consider how often you will be inside your barn and why. If your building’s only purpose is to park an RV, you may not need much artificial lighting. A few windows and an oversized bay door may allow sufficient light inside and help you avoid the expense of running electricity to your barn.

Skylights and Sidelight Belts

Another method of allowing natural light inside your barn is with semi-transparent roof and wall panels. These panels can be installed alongside steel roofing and steel siding without requiring additional framing for windows and doors.

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Overhead Interior Lighting

Most lighting designers will recommend between 25-100 lumens of light per square foot, depending on how the space will be used. Detailed, technical work requires more light, and simple storage requires less.

One popular example of shop lighting is a 4-foot, dual T8 LED bulb fixture that produces about 4,000 lumens. (For reference, a 100-watt incandescent bulb produces about 1600 lumens.)

4,000 lumens ÷ 100 lumens/ft2 = Light for 40 square feet @100 lumens/ft2

This means that a 100ft2 building (10’ X 10’) would need two or three 4-foot dual T8 LED bulb fixtures for bright lighting (100 lumens ft2) when hung from a 10–15-foot ceiling (without taking natural light or reflectivity into consideration).

T8 LED Bulb fixtures are widely available in 2, 3, 4, and 6 bulb configurations. For higher roofs, you may also consider round, high-bay LED lamps.

Lighting needs for custom pole barns in Ohio can vary significantly, so consider your specific application carefully. Custom horse barn builders in Ohio generally recommend you design your barn to allow as much natural light in as possible. When in doubt, consult your barn builder or a lighting designer to make sure you get exactly the lighting you need.

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