Inspecting Pittsburgh Farm Buildings After the Storm

Pittsburgh Farm Building

A Pittsburgh farm building’s most important job is to protect everything that is stored inside.  Whether it’s farm equipment, vehicles, livestock, or farming supplies, it is critical that all of these items are protected in the event of a severe storm.

Spring in Pennsylvania can bring many different weather elements.  A late snowfall is always a possibility, but then there’s rain, hail, and heavy winds to also consider.  After a significant weather event, it is always best to inspect all the important pieces of your property, and that includes Pittsburgh post frame buildings.

Here is a quick checklist from the MQS Structures team of some things to be aware of when you evaluate the condition of your building.

Look for Roof Leaks

One of the most obvious indications of roof damage to a farm building in Pittsburgh is if you notice water dripping inside.  If you notice a leak, be sure to cover or move any contents inside the building that could suffer from water damage.  Or simply place buckets in the affected area as a temporary fix for small leaks.

Once the weather clears, keep looking for signs of other leaks throughout your post frame building in Pittsburgh.  Mold and mildew are often caused by water seeping inside building, so be on alert for both of those while doing your inspection.

Repair Loose or Pulled Nails

High winds can pull metal roofing and siding off of the lumber and loosen nails.  When you inspect your agricultural building in Pittsburgh, look for nails that have been moderately or entirely pulled from the wood.  Hammer down any nails that are loose and replace any nails that are damaged or missing.

Pittsburgh Farm Building

Temporary Repairs and Insurance

If there are any obvious signs of significant damage, try to cover them up to the best of your ability.  Purchase tarps or any other supplies that can stop the leaks temporarily.  This will prevent water damage to any contents that are inside your Pittsburgh farm building.  If you need to access the roof to make these repairs, consult a professional if you are uncomfortable working at extreme heights.

After your temporary repairs have been completed, be sure to stay in contact with your insurance agent throughout the entire process.  Filing an insurance claim can be a lengthy process at times, especially after a significant storm that may have affected many other building owners.  Try to stay as calm and patient as possible during this process and continue to update your insurance company on the repair progress of your pole building in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Farm Building

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how to handle damage to your farm building in Pittsburgh after the storm, give our team a call today at (855) MQS-3334.

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