Items That You Should Not Store in Ohio Pole Barns

Ohio Pole Barns

At MQS Structures, our pole barn builders in Ohio have built countless structures for a wide variety of purposes. Whether it’s for farm use, an additional living space, event space, or used as a post frame garage, a pole barn can be an extremely versatile structure.

Many building owners use their custom Ohio pole barns as a place to store extra supplies or seasonal items. This helps declutter a garage, basement, or attic. However, building owners should know that there are numerous items that should not be stored in a pole building in Ohio.

Below is a list of the most common items that can become damaged or are unsafe to store inside Ohio garages and farm buildings. We highly recommend storing these in a safer location.

  • Containers with Food
  • Electronic Devices and Equipment
  • Artwork
  • Glue and Paint

Containers with Food

Many people think that non-perishable foods can be store in nearly any location. However, these items are best stored in an environment with stable temperatures. Canned and boxed food items are typically stored in a pantry or cabinet at home because “room temperature” is ideal for packaged or canned foods.

According to pole barn builders in Ohio, temperatures can fluctuate significantly inside a barn, which can damage food packaging. Hot and moist conditions can cause metal cans to corrode which can cause food contamination. Boxed food can also be damaged by excess moisture, so it is wise to keep boxed items in a room with stable temperatures.

Ohio Pole Barns

Electronic Devices and Equipment

If you have ever left a cell phone, laptop, or other mobile device in your vehicle, you know that extreme temperature changes can affect the performance of all electronics. Although temperatures inside pole barns don’t vary quite as significantly as inside vehicles, they can still affect the longevity and quality of electronic equipment.

Batteries can become too hot or cold to perform correctly, and when that happens, they can damage your electronic devices. Humidity and moisture can also lead to corrosion for numerous electronics. Just like food, all electronics should be kept in rooms where the temperature is more stable.


Most pole barns do not have adequate ventilation to preserve artwork. Heat and humidity can build up inside most structures, which can cause a canvas to become moldy. Artwork made with paint and oils can also begin to melt or streak if the temperatures get too warm. Extreme cold can cause artwork to become brittle and more fragile. These are all reasons why artwork should not be stored inside Ohio pole barns.

Glue and Paint

Both paint and glue are comprised of materials that will break down and lose their overall quality if they are stored in extreme temperatures. Cold temperatures can cause these items to become hard and lumpy. Excessively warm temperatures can cause both paint and glue to become runny and less effective. It’s best to store these items in a stable environment, which prolongs their lifespan.

Ohio Pole Barns

Are You Considering an Ohio Pole Building for Your Property?

Although, they may not be ideal for the items listed above, Ohio pole buildings are great for storing countless other items. If you are thinking about adding a new pole barn, shed, or post frame garage to your property, contact us today.

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