Last Minute “To-Do List” Before Construction of Your Pole Building in Pittsburgh

Pole Building In Pittsburgh

So you are getting down to the final few days before crews begin building your pole building in Pittsburgh. Are you getting excited? Anxious? Nervous? There’s a decent chance you said yes to all of those questions. So as one of the leading manufacturers and designers of Pittsburgh pole buildings, MQS Structures knows there are a few last-minute details that you should complete before the building process begins.

Here are a few things to finalize before you get started:

Make Sure Your Building Fits Local Regulations

For any building project, there are state and local laws that apply, so be sure to check in with your local city or county planning department to ensure your new building is up to code. Every state has its own unique requirements because there are different elements within each state to be prepared for. So a state like Pennsylvania would require a farm building in Pittsburgh to have a much higher snow load capacity than a building in Florida, where snow is very rare.

Access to Electricity, Water, Etc.

It couldn’t get much worse than getting a brand-new building in the perfect spot, but then you later find out there is no way to get access to utilities from that location. Be sure to check and make sure there are no issues getting electricity, water, gas, and any other necessary utilities at your desired location. Doing this ahead of time will give you peace of mind during the building process.

Pole Building In Pittsburgh

Do the Dimensions of Your Pole Building in Pittsburgh Fit Your Needs?

Your new pole building could be used for many things, like hosting events, storage for your equipment and vehicles, or possibly as a garage hobby shop in Pittsburgh. No matter its use, make sure you have considered all the different items you plan on storing inside the building. Be sure to spend time thinking about about all the space you will need to fit everything inside while still being able to maneuver around the area comfortably.

As they always say in construction, “measure twice and cut once.” Well, in the world of ordering materials for a new pole building, it’s more like, “measure several times and order once.” So again, be sure that you have done your homework and are getting the right sized Pittsburgh post frame building to accommodate all your needs.

Pole Building In Pittsburgh

Does Your Pittsburgh Pole Building Have Ample Doors and Windows?

Depending on what your building will be used for, you may need to have extra doors and windows installed, especially if any part of the building will be a living space. Doors and windows are great ways to provide extra ventilation and natural light without the use of any utilities. So be sure you have thoroughly thought about just how many doors and windows your new Pittsburgh agricultural building will require.

Pole Building In Pittsburgh

As one of the leading builders for farm buildings throughout Kentucky, Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, MQS Structures is here to help construct the perfect garage, shed, or barn to fit your needs. To get started, give us a call at (855) MQS-3334 or contact us online to receive a free estimate for your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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