Maintenance Tips for Post Frame Buildings

post frame buildings in Pittsburgh

Many building owners enjoy the versatility of post frame buildings in Pittsburgh.  They can be used for storage, raising livestock, hosting events, or can be turned into a garage hobby shop.  Farm buildings are truly valuable assets for their owners, and as one of the premier custom post frame builders in PittsburghMQS Structures has tips on how to keep your building in great shape to last the test of time. 

    • – Clean the Exterior
    • – Watch for Leaks
    • – Fix Damage Early
    • – Inspect Windows and Doors

Clean the Exterior 

Agricultural buildings in Pittsburgh will show some wear and tear over time, especially when there are high winds combined with snow, ice, or rain.  Dust or mildew can potentially accumulate as well on your building’s exterior.  We suggest giving the outside a nice high-pressure wash every few years, which gives the building a cleaner look and will prevent the materials from deteriorating as quickly.   

post frame buildings in Pittsburgh

Watch for Leaks  

After a severe storm, there is always the potential for damage to any structure.  Whether it’s rain, wind, or hail, all of these can impact your post frame buildings in Pittsburgh.  One issue to be aware of is leaks in the roof.  Though they may not always be easy to spot, a leak is an issue that should be addressed immediately once discovered.  Water leaking through the roof could potentially damage any contents that are inside the building.  If the leak is left untreated, it could become worse, resulting in even more damage. 

Fix Damage Early 

If any damage or defect is noticed on your Pittsburgh farm buildingsit should be repaired as soon as possible.  Whether there’s a hole in the wainscot after a mower accidentally bumped into it or the garage door is not closing properly, these problems should be addressed quickly to ensure that they don’t become bigger issues in the future.   

post frame buildings in Pittsburgh

Inspect Windows and Doors 

 If your Pittsburgh farm buildings need to stay at a specific interior temperature, we recommend doing a thorough check of all entry doors and windows.  Over time, older doors and windows become more vulnerable to drafts and leaks, which can change the interior temperature significantly for Pittsburgh agricultural buildings.  If you notice any leaks or drafts near your doors or windows, we suggest getting them repaired as soon as possible, especially before extreme temperature seasons like the winter and summer. 

post frame buildings in Pittsburgh

If you have any questions regarding maintenance for your building, or if you are considering purchasing a new building like a garage hobby shop in Pittsburgh, give MQS Structures a call today at (855) MQS-3334.  You can also request a quote online.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

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