Making Sure Your Pole Building in West Virginia is Structurally Sound

Pole Building In West Virginia

For those who own a pole building in West Virginia, you know just how important this structure is to run your day-to-day operations. Your building might serve as a storage shed for valued items and supplies, it might be a warehouse to stock inventory, or you may be using it as a garage to keep all your vehicles safely stored when not in use.

West Virginia pole buildings are a significant part of people’s daily lives, so it is always wise to make sure your building is in good standing. As one of the leading designers and builders of West Virginia farm buildings, MQS Structures has some tips on potential issues you should look for regarding your pole building. If you are aware of these problems, you can get them repaired quickly before your building loses its structural integrity.

Black and White Stains

If your West Virginia pole building has stains of any color, that likely means there are water leaks somewhere within the structure. The most common colors for stains are black and white. Black stains typically mean an older water leak is present, and there has been standing water in this particular area for quite some time. White stains are an indication of a fairly new leak and can eventually turn to black stains over time.

No matter the color of the stain, it means a leak is present and should be addressed as soon as possible before the problem worsens. If the leak is coming from the ceiling, contact a local West Virginia roofer to diagnose and repair the roof.

Pole Building In West Virginia

Damage to the Siding of Your Pole Building in West Virginia

If you see any holes in your building’s exterior, or if the metal panels are missing/damaged, it could potentially undermine the integrity of the whole structure. When a building is no longer watertight, it leaves the whole structure vulnerable to a wide variety of issues. Be sure to always be on the lookout for gaps or holes regarding farm buildings in West Virginia so they can be handled promptly.

Beams are Rotting or Beginning to Sag

The beams inside West Virginia farm buildings play a crucial role in keeping the entire building intact. Once the beams begin to show signs of being compromised, there could be serious problems ahead. When beams begin to sag, it means they have grown weak over time or they are supporting too much weight. Or, if they begin to rot, it means they were exposed to moisture and have lost much of their strength.

If you see beams that are sagging or rotting, this is a dangerous sign. Immediately contact an expert at structural repairs to determine if your West Virginia agricultural building can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Pole Building In West Virginia

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