Most Popular Uses of Custom Pole Barns in Ohio

Agricultural Buildings In Ohio

Post-frame buildings, otherwise known as pole buildings, are increasingly popular in the Midwest and Great Lakes Regions. This is primarily due to their simple structure, low cost, high durability, and the ability to use a post-frame building for various purposes.

In fact, Ohio pole buildings are used for such a wide variety of activities that we thought it would be interesting to share their most common uses. If you have ever thought of building a pole building in Ohio but weren’t sure if a pole building was the right choice, here is a list of the many ways individuals and businesses choose to use them.

Agricultural Buildings

An agricultural building––or ordinary barn––is the oldest and most common use of pole buildings in Ohio. Agricultural buildings in Ohio are an essential part of any farm or ranch. Your tractor, feed, supplies, tools, and animals have to go somewhere when it rains or snows.


If you run a business that moves a large amount of inventory, own a boat or RV, or collect classic cars, you need a place to keep your things clean, dry, and out of the weather. Pole buildings are an economical and reliable way of doing just that. In fact––storage facilities all across the country are built with post-frame construction.


Several different trades make use of pole buildings for their shops. It is common to see mechanics, welders, machinists, and carpenters use post-frame buildings as places of business. Pole buildings are particularly beneficial for small businesses because it is relatively simple to add permanent or temporary walls inside that can be used either for an office or to separate workstations.

Agricultural Buildings In Ohio

Horse Barns

A pole building is a perfect structure for an agricultural building in Ohio––especially a horse barn. That’s why custom horse barn builders in Ohio often use pole-style construction.

Custom Homes

One of the most exciting uses of pole buildings is for custom homes. It is not strange to find a pole building that has been subdivided into a residence on one side and an oversized garage on the other side. These are sometimes called “barndominiums.” When built the right way, post-frame homes can be attractive, comfortable places to live and cost less to build than typical timber-frame homes.

Hobby Shops

Another popular use of pole buildings is hobby shops. Many of those who enjoy rebuilding classic cars or building race cars choose to build hobby shops so they don’t have to work in the driveway. Hobbyists who love carpentry, pottery, glass making, metalworking, etc., can all make excellent use of a post-frame hobby shop.

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Agricultural Buildings In Ohio

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