Summer Roof Maintenance Tips for Post Frame Buildings in West Virginia

post frame building in West Virginia

There are multiple components of post frame buildings in West Virginia that are critical in protecting the contents stored inside. One of the most significant features is likely the roof. With it being summertime, there are some areas of your building’s roof that you may want to pay close attention to. As one of the premier pole barn builders in West Virginia, MQS Structures has some advice on what to look for this summer to prevent any future damage to your structure.

Check for Rust or Wind Damage

The most common problems for metal roofs on West Virginia post frame buildings are when nails and metal sheets have been slightly moved or pulled from the top of the building. During a heavy windstorm or significant wind gusts, the wind can actually lift the sheets up and cause multiple issues. The sheets can become bent, the nails can be pulled from the sheets or lumber, and all of this can lead to roof leaks and potential damage to the contents inside the building.

If there are areas where water is pooling on the roof, that could lead to rust and corrosion. If you locate any brown spots on your roof, make sure those are handled immediately before they spread further.

Look for Leaks

The ideal time to look for leaks and water damage is during a heavy rainstorm. Once you are inside your West Virginia post frame building, look towards the ceiling and also listen for any evidence of a water leak. If you hear any dripping, locate that spot and mark it so you know what area will need to be repaired once the rain subsides.

You can also check for leaks on a sunny day. Simply walk through the barn and see if you can locate any exposed pin holes where there is light peeking through the ceiling. If you find any holes, those will need to be covered to avoid any water damage during the next rainstorm.

post frame building in West Virginia

Clear All the Debris

After a storm, there may be twigs, tree branches, leaves, or pine needles that have found their way onto the roof of your post frame building in West Virginia. Some of these items could be heavy and eventually cause the ceiling to sag or become damaged. Be sure to remove those items before they cause future damage.

post frame building in West Virginia

If you are considering adding a new structure to your property, contact the best pole barn builders in West Virginia, MQS Structures. We service the entire state from Huntington to Morgantown and would love to design and construct the perfect building to fit all your needs.

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