The Best Animals to Raise in a Small Ohio Farm Building

farm buildings in Ohio

Sure, we have all seen large farm buildings in Ohio that are used to house larger animals.  Some of the most common types of animals that you see inside agricultural buildings in Ohio are cattle and horses.  But what if you are just a novice rancher and want to try your hand at raising smaller animals that don’t pose quite as big of a challenge?

If that describes you, maybe a smaller post frame building in Ohio would be perfect for you to house a few animals that are lower-maintenance than the livestock we are used to seeing inside a barn.  Here’s a few suggestions of some animals that are perfect for you to tend to as you dip your toe into the farming/ranching world.


Our feathered friends are a great option to have around the farm as they require very little space, so they are a perfect fit for smaller farm buildings in Ohio.  Ducks are known as being very friendly and low maintenance as they rarely do any damage to their surroundings since they don’t have claws or sharp teeth.  Ducks can help maintain a garden by eating bugs and weak rooted plants.

farm buildings in Ohio

One thing to be cautious of with ducks is that they are bigger birds that move slowly.  These qualities make them vulnerable to predators, so be sure to keep them safely inside your agricultural building in Ohio on a nightly basis.


Another low maintenance animal that is ideal for ranching beginners is the rabbit.  These creatures are happy to eat multiple items like store-bought feed, vegetables, and grass clippings.  Though rabbits typically require hutches, these can be built or purchased for a fairly small amount.  Some ranchers have opted raise rabbits in a colony setting.  Though there is not one perfect way to raise rabbits, just make sure you have a safe place, like a small pole building in Ohio, where you can house them.

farm buildings in Ohio


Many people who raise chickens like having them for multiple purposes.  The most popular reason is the eggs, as many people love farm fresh eggs in their household.  Chickens are also a valuable source of meat and provide great fertilizer for gardens.  They can survive on store-bought feed, vegetables, weeds, grass clippings, or just about anything you throw their way.  Chickens can live comfortably in a coop which you can put inside your Ohio agricultural building.

farm buildings in Ohio

If you are considering jumping into the ranching world and need a new custom pole barn in Ohio for your animals, contact MQS Structures at (855) MQS-3334.  You can also request a free quote online, and one of our team members will be glad to follow up with you.


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