The History of Pole Barns

Custom Pole Barns in West Virginia

Custom pole barns in West Virginia are becoming more and more common. Obviously, pole barns are already used on many agricultural properties throughout the state, but they are also being used for many other purposes. Many people now find them useful for storage, creating a she-shed, or even as a garage hobby shop in West Virginia.

Pole barns and pole buildings in West Virginia have sure come a long way from their early beginnings. This article will look at how pole barns got their start and how they’ve evolved into the versatile structures that we use today.

The 1930s

Post building goes way back to the colonial days, but the style that we are most familiar with today can be traced back to the 1930s. During that time, the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression were causing endless problems for farmers throughout the country. Farmers and their workers had to adapt to the current conditions and the financial climate.

At that time, the price of utility poles was quite affordable and available in ample supplies. Farmers would buy the poles in bulk, put them in the ground, and attach metal roofs to them. This simple design worked perfectly because it was cost-effective and did not require a lot of labor.

This new building technique opened the door for faster build times as people began using similar techniques but with larger, more advanced machinery. These structures were then built on farms and agricultural properties across the nation. The early pole barn construction method led to more advanced techniques used to build custom pole barns in West Virginia.

Custom Pole Barns in West Virginia

American Pole Barns in Recent Years

There have been many improvements made since the initial “utility pole barns” were first built. The days of old rounded poles are gone and have been replaced by poles that are squared off and treated. This results in longer-lasting poles for pole buildings in West Virginia and throughout the country.

Early poles were more vulnerable to wood rot because they were placed directly in the soil. This method also exposed the poles to fungi growing in the soil. Custom post frame builders in West Virginia now use different products to create a protective membrane around the post. This limits the risk of soil or fungi damaging the base of each pole.

Today’s pole barns are often built on a concrete slab, which was not as common many years ago. Also, the poles can be anchored to the concrete to add even more stability to the structure. This is done using special brackets which connect the poles and the concrete together.

Custom Pole Barns in West Virginia

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