The Most Common Uses for Ohio Agricultural Buildings

Ohio Agricultural Buildings

Farming is a staple of many midwestern states, and Ohio agricultural buildings play a big role in our farming communities. If you go to almost any farm in Ohio, you will likely see numerous structures on the property, and each one serves a specific purpose. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common uses for agricultural buildings in Ohio and why these structures are so critical for running a successful farm or ranch in rural Ohio.

Tractor Storage

A farm truly isn’t a farm without a few tractors regularly driving across the property. A tractor is most likely the most versatile piece of equipment used on any farm. They are absolutely vital during the spring when it’s time to cultivate the land to prepare for crops to be planted. Tractors have the strength to pull heavy loads on trailers and come in particularly handy during the summer when hay bales need to be picked up from the fields. During harvest season in the fall, tractors are instrumental in hauling portable grain bins back and forth to the fields.

To put it mildly, tractors are essential, and they should always be protected when not in use. Many farms will have numerous Ohio pole buildings constructed just to house their tractors because they are such an important investment. Without tractors, life on the farm would be much more challenging, and that’s why a custom pole barn in Ohio is a wise choice for any farm with multiple tractors.

Ohio Agricultural Buildings

Combine Storage

If you are a farmer during harvest season, you know just how critical it is to have a fully functioning combine. There is no possible way to get acres of crops out of the fields without this massive piece of equipment. Besides their farmland, many farmers will tell you that a combine is the single biggest farm investment they will ever make.

Having ample storage for your combine is essential, as it needs to be protected from the elements for many months out of the year. Typically, a combine is only used for harvesting season, and for many farmers, that might only be a couple of weeks in a given year. So that’s why it is vital to have a quality pole building in Ohio to house your combine during the numerous weeks when it is not in use.

Hay Storage & Animal Shelter

Many Ohio agricultural buildings are constructed to benefit livestock. Whether it’s for cattle, horses, goats, sheep, etc., animals need a safe place to take shelter during severe weather or at night when certain predators may lurk. Agricultural buildings in Ohio are also a great place to store square bales of hay for your livestock. Certain animals, like horses, prefer dry hay or else they will not eat it, so your farm building can help protect hay from being exposed to the outdoor elements.

Ohio Agricultural Buildings

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