The Most Common Ways to Use a Lean-To as a Cumberland Farm Building

Cumberland farm building

There are various ways to utilize Cumberland farm buildings on your ranch, as they can provide convenience and shelter for many different items. You can store equipment, supplies, or livestock inside just about any type of Cumberland custom pole barn.

This article will look a little deeper at a simple and convenient building design, a lean-to. These structures can provide multiple benefits on the farm without breaking the bank compared to other more advanced shops built by Cumberland custom post frame builders.

Some of the most commons uses for a lean-to building are:


  • Carport

  • Hay Storage

  • Horse Stall

  • Equipment Storage


A new Cumberland garage hobby shop might be too big of a structure for your needs, especially if you are only looking for a place to protect a vehicle from weather damage. A lean-to provides a roof over a car or truck that will prevent the sunlight from wreaking havoc on your vehicle’s paint, windows, and interior. Lean-tos also provide an extra layer of defense against falling debris, tree limbs, hail, snow, and ice.

Your carport can be customized to fit other items besides a standard vehicle. It may come in handy to store tractors, mowers, trailers, or other various types of equipment used on the farm. Many people also use a lean-to for camper and RV storage.

Cumberland farm building

Horse Stall

For those that own just a few horses, a lean-to can provide them more than ample shelter. Sure, your horses will want green pastures and space to roam around during the day, but when night falls, a lean-to can be the perfect structure to keep horses safe from storms and will keep them warms during the frigid winter months. For ranches with many horses, you may want to work with custom horse barn builders in Cumberland to design a larger building that better suits your needs.

Hay Storage

Lean-tos are a convenient spot to store square bales of hay for convenient access on the ranch. Farmers know just how tough it is to haul hay, especially if it is stored in a large barn or a hayloft. A lean-to’s open design provides easy access for loading, unloading, and stacking hay, so it makes for a very convenient Cumberland farm building.

Cumberland farm building

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