The Specifics of Post Frame Construction

custom post frame builders in Ohio

MQS Structures is considered a top company when it comes to agricultural buildings in Ohio.  We have built numerous structures in the state that all meet UBC and IBC standards.  Our buildings are built using post frames and contain large solid sawn columns.  Other buildings typically use wood studs, steel frames, or concrete.  The columns will transfer the loads to the ground and are mounted to concrete for extra support. 

Costs of Post Frame

Typically post frame construction for pole barn builders in Ohio is not as time-consuming as other systems.  With the construction process taking less time, that typically results in the cost being less expensive than other systems as well.  Post frames use large columns, which allows for a higher load capacity.  This process results in using less building material and keeps costs down for the customer. 

Post frame construction is different than other types of building processes because the posts are spaced farther apart.  This provides a large wall cavity as well as allowing additional room for more insulation.  The further the posts are spaced out, the less the cost will be. 

custom post frame builders in Ohio

Another factor that can be a cost-saver for custom post frame builders in Ohio is that they do not require a concrete foundation.  It is still an option if that is something you would prefer.  The biggest requirement to getting your building process started is having a level terrain for your building site, which is great news if you are interested in a barn that does not have a concrete base. 

The Versatility of Post Frame 

As a leader among custom post frame builders in Ohio, MQS Structures knows the versatility that a post frame building can provide.  Our building process does not change, no matter what your building will be used for.  As an example, a new storage shed will be built the same way that a horse stable is built.   

There are several other uses for pole barns, for example a horse barn.  MQS Structures is one of the leading custom horse barn builders in Ohio, but specializes in many other structures, such as:

  • Garage/Workshop 
  • Stable 
  • Riding Arena 
  • Office 
  • Commercial Building 
  • RV/Boat Storage 
  • Storage Unit 

If you have any questions on post frame construction, feel free to reach out to our team at (855) 677-3334.  We are considered one of the leaders among farm buildings in Ohio.  We pride ourselves on our integrity, work ethic, and customer service.  

Our team can help you decide on what your next step is to get the building that works best for you! 

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