Three Items on Your Fall Chore Checklist for Farm Buildings in West Virginia

Farm Buildings In West Virginia

It’s always wise to keep farm buildings in West Virginia well maintained throughout the year, but especially as fall weather approaches. During the fall, temperatures are still comfortable, allowing you the opportunity to complete some much-needed tasks in order to be prepared for the harsh West Virginia winter.

Every pole building in West Virginia serves an important purpose on the farm. In fact, a building could be used for one specific purpose during warmer weather and then something completely different when the temperatures drop. No matter the role of a West Virginia post frame building, MQS Structures has provided some of the most common ways that farmers and ranchers will prepare their buildings during the fall. These helpful tips will make sure that your building is ready for the temperature changes that are coming soon.

Stock Up on Supplies

Many farm buildings in West Virginia are used for storage, especially during cold weather. You never know when a harsh winter storm can prevent you from making a trip to your local farming supply store, so it is always wise to make sure you have extra necessities. If you own livestock or other farm animals, make sure you have an ample supply of feed on hand at all times. Many farmers have at least one extra week’s worth of feed on hand in the event of an emergency.

Add Some Organizational Features to Your Farm Building in West Virginia

During the spring and summer, it is common to leave more tools and supplies outside since the weather allows for it. Once the weather turns cold, many of those items need to be protected by moving them inside. Whether it’s garden hoses, buckets, farm vehicles, etc., you need to create enough space so that they can be stored in your West Virginia farm buildings.

Farm Buildings In West Virginia

This would be the ideal time to invest in a storage cabinet so that many items can be stored neatly. Things like gloves, coats, hats, and ice melt can all be neatly put away so that they are not occupying open space in your building. Adding shelving can provide a great place to store bags of feed, horse blankets, seed, and numerous other supplies. You’ll quickly find that an organized building is much more efficient, especially during the fall and winter when space is a bit more limited.

Take Care of Wet Areas Immediately

If you notice any areas that have acquired moisture inside or around the perimeter of your pole building in West Virginia, it is critical to address these quickly. Wet areas can potentially lead to mold or mildew inside a structure, and that can be hazardous to the health of your farm animals and fellow farmworkers. Also, when temperatures dip below freezing, areas that acquire moisture will turn into ice which can create slipping hazards. When the temperatures are more comfortable, that is the best time to take care of any areas where moisture is present.

Farm Buildings In West Virginia

If you are thinking about enhancing your farm or ranch, have you considered adding a post frame building in West Virginia? If so, contact MQS Structures today to receive a free quote, or you can give us a call at (855) MQS-3334. We look forward to building the perfect structure to fit your needs.

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