Tips for Painting Pole Barns in Ohio

Pole Barns In Ohio

At some point in the fall or spring, whIle the weather is nice, many farmers consider repainting their pole barns in Ohio. Obviously, attempting to complete this task in the winter is impossible since paint does not adhere to cold surfaces well. Painting can be done in the summer, but the hot and humid weather makes for very difficult working conditions.

MQS Structures is one of the leading pole barn builders in Ohio, and we have some advice on making sure your farm building looks flawless. We know that you take great pride in your pole building and want it to really pop. So this fall, when you are getting prepared to give your farm buildings in Ohio a facelift, remember these important tips.

Remove All Dirt, Debris, and Mildew Before You Start

Before painting any surface, it should always be as clean as possible. When it comes to steel or metal pole buildings in Ohio, the easiest way to clean the exterior walls is by using a power washer. The pressure from a power washer can immediately remove all dirt and grime with very minimal effort. Make sure you start by using a lower level of pressure and gradually work your way up. Too much pressure can damage the metal panels.

If you don’t have a power washer available, you can use some common soap solutions. Heavier dirt accumulations on the exterior of a hobby shop in Ohio may require special treatment. Two popular cleaning solutions are trisodium phosphate for heavy dirt layers, while excess mildew is best treated by using a diluted solution with bleach.

Just remember never to blend cleansers with bleach. You can also use laundry detergents at a ratio of one cup per five gallons of water.

Advice on Choosing the Right Colors

Your pole barn should not only be functional but also visually appealing. So, when you are choosing the colors for your painting job, make sure you choose a combination that works well. Many people choose to use one solid color for the exterior walls and then a nice complementary color for the roof.

If your farm building has wainscot paneling on the lower portion of the exterior walls, you can go with a two-tone look. In fact, many pole barns in Ohio use similar color schemes when it comes to wainscot. Typically, the wainscot and the roof will be the same color, while the rest of the exterior is an entirely different color that pairs well with the color used for the roof and wainscot.

Below is an example of wainscot that matches the roof.

Pole Barns In Ohio

Applying Primer and Paint to Pole Buildings in Ohio

When metal buildings acquire heavy amounts of chalking or oxidation, you may want to apply two coats of primer for the best results. Just be sure to use your best discretion based on how your building looks.

After the primer is dry, apply an acrylic-latex paint using either a sprayer or a roller. Acrylic-latex paint is extremely durable during the toughest weather conditions. Many building owners will use two coats of paint to ensure a clean and consistent finish.

Pole Barns In Ohio

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